Morbius trailer: Jared Leto’s Marvel vampire cracks Venom jokes

Morbius, the living vampire, has a new trailer. The Jared Leto-led Venom spinoff’s newest preview was unveiled on Tuesday, and it shows off the character’s vampiric brand of justice and his (missing) feeling of humor.

Morbius follows Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who acquires a kind of superhuman vampirism when seeking to treatment himself of a scarce blood sickness. We see bits and pieces of his transformation in this trailer, but the stop end result is a craving for blood and some really sharp-seeking enamel. In spite of (or perhaps due to the fact of) his new affliction, Morbius even now makes an attempt to do proper by the planet, and turns into a very intricate and hazardous superhero.

This newest trailer also normally takes treatment to remind us that Morbius is established inside of the very same universe as Sony’s other Spider-Person and Spider-Male-adjacent homes. Michael Keaton exhibits up, reprising his role as Vulture from Spider-Gentleman: Homecoming, and Morbius himself helps make a joke about staying Venom — even while we’re not totally certain any individual in Venom’s universe actually knows about Venom. This does affirm that all of these villains share a universe even though, and that indicates they also share a link to Tom Holland’s Spider-Male and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Morbius is established to be unveiled on Jan. 28, 2024.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.