Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.4.1 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

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Monster Hunter Rise
Picture: Capcom

Together with all the Tokyo Video game Exhibit announcements, Capcom has now rolled out Monster Hunter Rise Edition 3.4.1.

As usual, there are additions and alterations together with a lot of bug fixes. You can see everything down below, courtesy of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise weblog:

Patch: Ver.3.4.1

  • In purchase to use DLC and participate in on the net, you have to have to update Monster Hunter Rise to the latest variation.
    • – You can verify which model you are on at the base appropriate of the Title Monitor.
    • – On the web gameplay calls for a Nintendo Swap On the web membership.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, you can participate in community multiplayer, as long as every single participant uses the similar variation of the program.
    • – Remember to take a look at the Nintendo Aid web site for a lot more details.

Obtainable September 30, 2022

Most important Additions / Variations

  • New Event Quests will be available every single 7 days.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous


  • Set a bug at times triggering Apex Diablos to behave unnaturally when it assaults by swinging its horns quite a few situations in a row.
  • Preset a bug leading to monsters to enter a “lured” condition when the player utilizes a Wailnard on them while they’re asleep.
  • Mounted a bug preventing Narwa’s thunder rings from disappearing if her wellbeing drops under a specific place although the rings are getting spawned.
  • Preset a bug leading to Teostra to be downed devoid of likely by a slipping animation if the participant employs a Flash Bomb whilst Teostra is respiratory hearth in mid-air.
  • Mounted a bug occasionally producing some monsters to face the finish reverse direction when seeking to flip towards the player.


  • Fastened a bug producing a discrepancy between the player’s geared up weapon style and their equipment info, if the participant changes their weapon style right just before the return timer runs out following finishing a quest.
  • Mounted a bug producing the tired functioning animation to be cancelled if the player works by using or gathers an merchandise during this animation.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to slip right after landing, if they terminate the twin blades’ Demon Manner in mid-air, or if they land on a slope soon after charging the hammer in mid-air.
  • Fastened a bug resulting in the recreation to crash if the participant joins an in-progress Rampage quest with particular timing.
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer occasionally triggering a monster’s mountable point out to be shortened dependent on the form of assault it got strike with suitable before heading into said point out.
  • Fixed a bug producing some hairstyles to clip into the participant character’s deal with even though going.
  • Set a bug resulting in the “Bob with Hairband” hairstyle to clip by particular kinds of head equipment.
  • Preset a bug leading to punching audio consequences to be played when landing hits with the dual blades’ Piercing Bind though wearing the “Akuma” layered armor.
  • Fastened a bug leading to a big difference in the player character’s facial expression when making use of the “Shadow Box” gesture, depending on irrespective of whether they’re in the village or in the Training Area/on a quest.
  • Fastened a bug stopping the participant from easily throwing a second kunai when working with the Radial Menu to toss kunai.
  • Preset a bug causing the increased ability of the wonderful sword’s Rage Slash to have in excess of to other assaults if the player is weakened even though performing the action.
  • Mounted a bug producing incorrect changeover timing when comboing from the dual blades’ Appropriate Roundslash in Feral Demon Manner, or the Mounting Slash in Demon Mode into the Shrouded Vault.
  • Fixed a bug when hoping to exit Demon Manner right after executing the dual blades’ Shrouded Vault in Demon Method.
  • For the lance’s Twin Vine, the twin blades’ Piercing Bind, and the horn’s Earthshaker, a bug has been fastened causing the silk of these Silkbind attacks to vanish from the display screen indefinitely if the player and the silk quickly go off-camera although accomplishing the go.
  • Preset a bug causing the attack animation of the hammer’s Influence Crater to be cancelled if the participant falls off a ledge suitable soon after landing on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug causing the swap axe’s Zero Sum Discharge Finisher to finish ahead of all hits have registered if the attack coincides with a strike prevent (the instant the participant character briefly freezes when landing a hit).
  • Set a bug leading to the demand blade’s Midair Amped (or Tremendous) Factor Discharge to be cancelled right after executing the Axe Hopper, if the player falls off a ledge right just after landing on the floor.
  • Fastened a blunder in the time frame throughout which the participant can combo from the demand blade’s Forward Dodge (in Sword manner) into the Demand.
  • If the participant introduced a Kinsect in direction of a monster that is relocating absent from the participant, the Kinsect would cease at the posture of the monster at the moment the Kinsect was introduced. This has been set.


  • Mounted a bug often creating the voice of one more player to be played when sending an Vehicle Shoutout to all Lobby members in multiplayer.
  • Set a variety of textual content bugs.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been produced.

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