Minecraft RuneScape Resource Pack Progress – GamingKK

Reddit consumer SentryTV has been working a developing a RuneScape resource pack. This like numerous jobs was after set to die until recently as the desire has developed! As soon as finish, it will be available everyone.  The team does not want to launch something half-assed.

I most likely won’t launch it until finally its both concluded or another person else decides to select up on it. At the moment I have re-textured about 99% of all products. I’ve re-textured about 15% of all blocks. I’ve changed 90% of the seems with real RuneScape sounds. I’ve completely replaced all music in the recreation with RuneScape music. I have re-textured about 10% of the entities in video game. -SentryTV


Subject to alter but here are the weapon equivalents:

  • Diamonds = Dragon Scales = Dragon Armor, Equipment, & Weapons.
  • Gold Ingots = Gold Bars = Gilded Armor, Equipment, & Weapons.
  • Iron Ingots = Runite Bars = Rune Armor, Instruments, & Weapons.
  • Stone = Stone Equipment, & Weapons.
  • Wood = Picket Resources, & Weapons.
  • Chainmail = Black Armor.
  • Leather-based = Leather-based Armor.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.