Minecraft castle ideas: 8 castles to build in 1.17

Want to establish an epic Castle in Minecraft? How about 8 castles? Which is how quite a few we have acquired for you in this listing, so you’d best get making! These castles appear genuinely amazing, but we’re certain they will be even greater atop the new mountains that are coming when the Minecraft 1.18 update launches later this year.

Verify out all of these builds to get some inspiration for your very own entire world in Minecraft, or just observe together with the Youtube tutorials if you like what you see!

Minecraft castle tips:

Disney Castle built in Minecraft

Disney castle

You know the story. You cosy up on the couch, get your warmest, comfiest blanket, and stick on your favourite Disney motion picture. Irrespective of whether you like Tangled, Mulan, or Moana is a conversation for yet another time (Moana is finest). A single point they all have in prevalent is the intro cinematic that showcases the basic Disney castle.

Although it was first made renowned in Cinderella, the castle has come to be ingrained in Disney lifestyle and is quickly legendary. Youtuber “Sjin” has a complete tutorial that will stroll you by how to develop the castle from the very first to the final block, so you can rest, adhere on your favorite Disney soundtrack, and get setting up!

Arendelle Castle from Frozen built in Minecraft

Arendelle castle

Of system, no modern Disney film has gripped the entire world pretty like Frozen. It’s only natural that Arendelle castle, the household of Anna and Elsa, appears on this record.

You can get to perform on this make utilizing yet another tutorial by “Sjin”, and then embrace your magical heritage by enchanting all of your gear. Just recall to make some publications so that you can get the best enchantments feasible.

Medieval castle built in Minecraft

Medieval castle

Okay, that is sufficient Disney castles. If you want something that could be thrown into any fantasy planet, this Medieval castle by Youtuber “BlueNerd Minecraft” is excellent. With a great deal of towers all-around the edge of the build, you’ll be capable to fend off mobs from any path. Even the Wither wouldn’t be in a position to break via these gates.

It might be finest to inventory the storage rooms with some Diamond and Netherite equipment, even though. You never know when a Creeper may occur together and wipe out aspect of your wall.

Dracula castle built in Minecraft

Dracula castle

If you want some thing a little bit additional Gothic, this Dracula castle constructed by Youtuber “Trixyblox” deserves a location in your earth. This terrifying castle will strike anxiety into every person on your Server. Embrace your evil aspect and use this as a lair for all of your nefarious deeds.

Hogwarts built in Minecraft


If you want to leap into the Wizarding Entire world, then there’s no area like Hogwarts. Youtuber “Planet Dragonod” has an total series that will guidebook you by each individual solitary block. It is pretty extended, with 30 films to get by means of in total, but it is absolutely truly worth it. This is not just a shell with no inside – Dragonod has recreated plenty of iconic destinations from the Harry Potter franchise, such as the Clock Tower, the Transfiguration Courtyard, and Dumbledore’s Business office. This castle is the excellent place to get stuck in and brew some potions – reward points if you have on a Hermione skin.

Floating castle built in Minecraft

Floating castle

Checking out a new globe in Minecraft is surely interesting. Getting villages, taming horses, and likely on grand adventures. Ahh, it definitely is attractive. It all gets quite demanding when you have to decide on someplace to settle down while. You scour biome following biome for the excellent place, but it can be tricky to obtain somewhere that is just ideal.

Youtuber “Twin Saw” has the fantastic way to skip all of that dread and just get straight into building. Make a castle that floats in the air! With craggy platforms that could only be held up by a highly effective mage, this castle is great for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Minecraft’s Overworld.

Island fortress built in Minecraft

Island fortress

If you like the concept of currently being excluded from the relaxation of your Minecraft entire world, but really don’t want to be magically suspended in the air, then Youtuber “BigTonyMC” has an Island Fortress tutorial which is just the thing for you.

The dock outdoors properties numerous boats that you and your mates can use to chart new lands each time you want. Just make certain to pack your map, as you wouldn’t want to get misplaced significantly absent from your idyllic property.

Dover castle built in Minecraft

Dover castle

Individuals of you hunting for an iconic landmark to place into your Minecraft planet have to have seem no additional. The English Heritage charity teamed up with Yogscast to re-produce Dover castle in Minecraft, and it is practically nothing short of magnificent. With sprawling partitions and winding pathways that web throughout the courtyards, this is so considerably more than just a developing. When you’re prepared to create, look at out our listing of the finest seeds in Minecraft to find a entire world which is worthy of this masterpiece.

That’s it for our listing of Minecraft Castle tips. If you’ve completed generating a castle and want it to glance even much more beautiful, choose a search at our list of the best Minecraft shader packs. If you want to give it a entire new fashion, examine out our list of Minecraft texture packs.

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