Minecraft Mediterranean Style Traditional House

Minecraft Mediterranean house may be found on the BPN server ( s16.hosthorde.com:26724). Use the following command to see the home on the server: warp: ashington.

Houses in the Mediterranean are often white or sand-colored, with red or orange roofs. Typically, these roofs are flat or slightly angled. Buildings with several floors are common, but the rooms are often smaller than those in other contemporary architectural types. Although some structures may adhere to big, wall-length windows, most homes will have smaller windows covered with wooden window shutters. A window grill is often affixed to the windows, which serves as a protective and decorative feature of the home.

Small intricate decorations, particularly around the doorways, are common in homes. Balconies with tiny spaces are pretty frequent.

Smaller gardens typically include just a few tropical trees or flowers, such as palms, tropical flowers, and (small) cactus.

Larger homes often feature huge pillars at the front of the house, typically just at the front entrance but occasionally across the front, particularly if the house has a balcony. Outdoor pools and big gardens with lush grass and tropical plants and flowers are common features of larger homes.

Villages and towns are often tight, with numerous tiny streets, but marketplaces are typically held in one open plaza. The most romantic cities are located near rivers or lakes and are particularly attractive at night.

If you’re going to utilize an iron door to prevent the player from returning, make sure it’s on the inside so the player can’t hide in the tiny gap formed by doors. Also, make sure the player can’t reach the dispensers; the arrows would be easily removed.

Minecraft Mediterranean House

The Mediterranean architectural style is simple to adapt to Minecraft. The buildings are constructed of sand and sandstone blocks, and the roofs are formed of brick steps. Glass panes, rather than glass blocks, are the finest choice for windows.

The roadways should be constructed of a mixture of sand and sandstone, with areas of soil added if desired.
Restaurants often feature tables on both the inside and outside of the structure. Those outdoors are usually situated in the shade, yet with a fantastic view of the town, perhaps the nearby lake or river. In Minecraft, you can easily do this by placing your restaurants around a plaza or on top of a hill with a view of the rest of the town.

Small and straightforward churches are typical throughout the Mediterranean. Sandstone is also the most acceptable choice, but extra blocks may be added to make it stand out even more. The central portion is typically rectangular, with a round or rectangular tower on top or the side. To make them stand out more, they’re typically built taller than the rest of the town.


In towns that are supposed to be in arid regions, I try to restrict the plants I use, but communities near a lake or river may have lush gardens and vines sprouting from the houses.

I occasionally put a few dark leaf blocks close to each other to imitate a dry bush in the arid regions, but they only receive a few cactus and palm trees.
The biome color shaders will make everything seem dry or dead. Thus building your town in a desert biome will help a lot.

If a town is located near a body of water, the number of plants and trees I construct is significantly enhanced. I prefer to leave the cactus and make the palm trees a bit higher with more and larger foliage. Leaf blocks may be used to create vine-like plants that can be arranged in a spiral around buildings, bridges, and even homes. I also utilize the standard Minecraft vines, but only on bridges and other buildings suspended over water.

I typically create a modest to medium-sized town garden, complete with a small pond and a diverse array of flowers.

Willows are the only tree I use outside palm trees, and I only use them very infrequently. They give the riverbanks a romantic atmosphere, and they’re ideal for making a restaurant stand out.


Wells are very prevalent in tiny communities, regardless of whether they function or not. They’re simple to make in Minecraft, either by replicating the desert wells or creating your own.

Building your town against a mountain or on and around a hill is preferable to building it on a level area of ground. This height adjustment will give your additional town depth, making it seem more authentic and perhaps romantic.

Build your town around a river or lake; it will look fantastic at night if you keep the lights to a minimum. On the other hand, villages high in the mountains will look amazing, mainly if there is a good water system running through the hamlet and down the mountain.

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