Market Map Pack – Minecraft Building Inc

Designed by ezaka

I’m happy to existing you my most recent work. Its a mezakas sector mappack 😀 (alliterations ftw) 

I developed a bunch of retailers, simply because I’ve under no circumstances found anybody focusing on these things ahead of. So I hope a ton of you can use this in some maps or even check out to created a little something like this your self.

This map pack contains: 

  • the wonderful main have a tendency
  • 3 general retailers
  • a woolshop
  • a stage
  • a coal/woodshop
  • a blacksmiths store
  • a flowershop
  • a wizardtend
  • 3 trees
  • a tree with a bunch of bottles
  • a flag
  • a campfire
  • a hay-wagon
  • a statue
  • a fountain
  • a dixi-bathroom 😀

Texture Pack: Conquest