Let the Good Times Roll! Dicey Dungeons Is Coming to Xbox!

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  • Dicey Dungeons is coming to Xbox A single, Xbox Sequence X|S and Windows 10 this Thursday!
  • A new kind of RPG with a dice centered fight system. You make your personal luck!
  •  Fight lovely monsters and check out to get your heart’s want on a recreation present hosted by Girl Luck!

Hello there! I’m indie video game designer Terry Cavanagh, and I’m in this article to tell you about our video game Dicey Dungeons, which is coming to Xbox A person, Xbox Collection X|S and Home windows 10 this Thursday. If you haven’t read about it right before, enable me inform you what it is, and why you could be interested in enjoying it.

Dicey Dungeons is a boardgamey RPG – you check out dungeons, battle lovable monsters, and stage up your character in an endeavor to in the long run overthrow Lady Luck. It is accessible and effortless to engage in, but with mechanics that reward very careful tactic and taking part in the odds cleverly.


Usually in a videogame like this, the random figures happen following you make your conclusions – you check out to strike some thing, and the random quantities decide whether or not it lands or how a great deal harm it does. But in Dicey Dungeons, all the random stuff takes place up front, established by your dice rolls – mainly, you roll a bunch of 6-sided dice and then you have to use no matter what numbers you get in the best possible way.

So a very simple instance of what you do right at the start out of the sport: say you have a Sword card that has a blank slot that can consider any dice worth. Spot a 1 and you will do 1 injury, put a 6 and you’ll do 6 problems, and so forth. But hold out – you have also bought some armor that only performs with an odd number (1, 3 or 5), and the 5 is the only odd amount you have bought – so probably it is better to use it there. So, just about every round will become a tiny min-max puzzle – you’ve acquired this established of dice and this set of playing cards, how do you do the most problems? Or build up the most protect to defend, or otherwise prepare for foreseeable future turns? There are hundreds of items of gear in the activity, and it can get really sophisticated!


Also, there is not just one particular character you can consider by means of the dungeons – there are 6. And every single of the 6 have entirely various sets of gear, and some very radically distinct perform designs. Choose the Robot, for illustration. As an alternative of rolling dice on your convert, you have a sort of push-your-luck factor going exactly where you can hold rolling dice, but if your overall goes over the restrict, you drop everything!

And then for just about every of these six people, there are 6 unique episodes, and each of those episodes mixes up the activity mechanics in some way – distinctive regulations, distinct constraints, distinctive worries. The game, from a style viewpoint, is definitely about exploring these distinctive versions of the main mechanics, flipping them upside down, experimenting wildly, and viewing what comes about. The results can be absolutely damaged, in the most effective doable way.


Dicey Dungeons is my 3rd business activity (soon after VVVVVV and Super Hexagon). By a extensive shot, it’s the major task I have at any time labored on, and it’s my particular favorite of my possess online games. A significant part of that is mainly because it is this kind of a match-designer-y sport, if that makes sense – it is constructed all-around undertaking all these style and design experiments, making an attempt out unique points, and just allowing matters be a little bit chaotic. Even soon after all this time, the match still finds strategies to shock me. I’m excited to share the sport with a new audience on Sport Pass, and I hope you take pleasure in it as considerably as I do!