Ken Flowchart – Origins Of The Meme 

Knowing the origin of a meme is always very interesting and makes you feel that you are pretty to knowledge that is not available to everyone. The Street fighter series is a series of video games where can is a character.

A Ken flowchart is directly related to how this character plays within the video game. To better understand where it came from one will have to know all the little details that went behind the making of it. In this article, we will try to trace the origins of the mean by looking at the game, the character, its notability and origin.

The Street Fighter series

Let us begin by knowing the series which started it all. Ever since the third installment of Street Fighter, Ken became an extremely popular character among all the players. He remained so until the fourth invite installment. This was extremely popular so one can expect that it came through the masses via a meme.

The first reason why Ken became such a popular character among anyone who was playing Street Fighter was the extreme ease of use. You might also need to know a little bit about the complacent gaming syndrome to better understand the Ken flowchart. It is easy for this character to end up in the meme format because it was over used to a great degree. Do not hesitate to know more at

What is Ken Flowchart?


Now that we have tackled the general reason behind this character becoming a meme, we can jump to the next important question. The Ken Flowchart is the name of the meme which was given for the players to better understand the reactions of the character to different stimuli within the game. Like any other flow chart it allows the players to trace how Ken would react when he faces a certain situation.

This flowchart was extremely well received by all the players who were familiar with this character and used it as a joke to trade around. However, one cannot neglect that Ken flow chart also helped beginners to a great degree when they came around to playing the 3rd or 4th installment of the Street Fighter series. Owing to its popularity, this flowchart today has extended to include multiple characters from the same series as well as from other games.

Before moving further you should know that a flowchart is basically supposed to help novices in gaining better feel of the game. The response to this meme also correlates to how easy it is to fight with a particular character or how easy it is to navigate the game by taking up one character. Playing through a flowchart is typically not something people would want to admit to out loud. Playing through a flowchart leads to a process called rage inducing. This flowchart makes people get involved in rage quits.

Why Did It Become So Popular?

We have already discussed that one of the reasons why it became popular was because of the character and its ease of use. But there are other reasons one needs to look at. One of them is how fighting games came back to the forefront. After the early 2000s, fighting games took a step back as other gaming platforms took presidents and attracted participation from players.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when the 4th installment of Street Fighter saw mass participation by everyone who seemed to have moved on from any kind of fighting games. If you talk about user experience and interaction you can easily get a better overall experience by getting involved in any other genre.


However, fighting as a genre is extremely popular which attracts a lot of attention each time something new is rolled out. This is the reason why the mean became so popular across different websites. In fact, we can also go as far as to say that the mean became so popular that it helped attract other players into the fighting genre of video gaming.

The Origin

We have already talked so much about the background behind this meme that you can trace its origin yourself. But we will line it up for you. The Street Fighter franchise by Capcom launched its fourth installment in 2009. Its previous installment had been 10 years ago which made many users call this one a comeback.

The Street Fighter series in general is considered to be the very basic of what players expect when they want games of the fighting genre. However, the scenario of video gaming was very much changed by the time Street Fighter IV came along. This led to all the beginners picking up a single character. You guessed it right: It was Ken Masters.

This unprecedented popularity led to a thread shared on But still, if we try to go farther back, the very first mention of this meme was in a YouTube video. Once people saw it and liked it, it started being shared on multiple social media platforms and gaming communities.

The Notability

Let us come to the final section before we wrap it up. Whether one might believe it or not this meme has done a lot of favor to the fighting genre, in general. The year 2009 was the return of games like Street fighter that brought people’s notice back to fighting games. It became a turning point for the video gaming industry.


The Ken flowchart and many of its copies that were circulated later on were extremely notable because they helped in keeping that community together. It was shared so many times and on sites that are not traditionally meant for gaming content.

The Takeaway

We hope that this article helped you in understanding just how important the can flowchart was in multiple respects. Had the Street Fighter series not being so well-received this flowchart probably would never have become a meme. It created a community for gamers interested in fighting games.