Jenny Mod Minecraft 2024 apk Download

Jenny Mod Minecraft

Jenny Mod Minecraft 2024 apk Download

Download Jenny Mod for Minecraft 2024: have an adventure with a beautiful girl to make the virtual world even more fun!

Jenny girl Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Users meet a variety of mobs in Minecraft PE. Some players had secretly dreamed of Mojang adding a girl to Minecraft Bedrock instead of a camel, but it never happened. The Jenny mod developers imagined that beautiful girls appeared in the game world and allowed players to meet them.

This uncensored mod is a unique opportunity for Steve to make friends with a virtual beauty named Jenny and have a great time with her. Thus, the character will never be bored now.

How to create a girl?

How to create a girl

According to the mod developers, Jenny does not replace any mobs in Minecraft PE: this is a new creature in the game. Players need a summoning egg from the inventory to meet beauty in the virtual world.

By the way, the girl is available in two variations. She has a suit and one more outfit in hentai style for a close acquaintance.


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Some Minecraft PE players have already downloaded and installed the Jenny mod on Java. That version of the mod included another extra girlfriend named Ellie.

The addon authors for Bedrock Edition decided that one girl is enough for Steve. But she can entertain the player perfectly. The girl’s model looks voluminous and realistic.

By the way, players can create a whole company of friends and arrange parties with them. The girl has attractive forms, a beautiful face, and a pink flower in her hair.



When Jenny appears in the game world of Minecraft PE, Steve needs to approach her. Then a button will appear, clicking on which the player will get to the menu. Here users can choose the external parameters of the girl to their liking.

The feature of the mod is the ability to have a conversation with the mob in a chat. The girlfriend will laugh, flirt and answer the user’s questions. There are a few more interesting options that will appeal to those who would like to get to know a new friend more closely. To do this, there are a few more buttons in the chat window.

The girl has other talents. She dances beautifully and can perform something for the Minecraft PE player. The authors of the modification worked hard on the animation of Jenny. She can smile and blush with embarrassment.

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There are additional items that appear in the game world. Players can spawn a bed using a summoning egg. After that, Steve can invite Jenny to keep him company on it. It is possible to put these items in any place in the game world. The beds have an unusual violet texture and a heart-shaped print.

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