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Download Minecraft 1.20.0 with Archaeology apk for free: get unique ancient items in different biomes, meet Sniffer that will find new seeds, and use beautiful cherry wood!

Archaeology Features in Minecraft PE 1.20

Many have been waiting a long time for the release of an update with the ability to search for unique artifacts in the deserts of the game world. Many people used archaeology back in Minecraft 1.19, it has acquired many new features.

Items and Blocks

To go in search of ancient treasures, players need to take a brush with them. With this item, it is possible to find something interesting under the blocks. Archaeology users can discover pottery shards with unique drawings on them.

Interestingly, Minecraft Archaeology 1.20.0 players only need to dig in certain places of the world. For example, in the desert they can see blocks with an unusual texture – suspicious sand. The developers have also added suspicious gravel, which is worth looking for in the Ocean Ruins.

Pottery shards will be the finds during the archaeological excavations. The developers have created many variants of these items with beautiful ornaments. By the way, if the user connects four different shards, he will get a decorative pot.


The biomes of the game were diverse before, and with the advent of archaeology, the developers added several more exciting locations. To get to the ancient ruins, players do not need to download maps in Minecraft PE with archaeology, but just find a new structure – Trail Ruins.

Players will also have to spend a lot of time in the deserts if they want to devote game time to searching for ancient treasures.

Another great location of the game is Cherry grove. Rose trees not only decorate the landscape, but can also be a resource for creating elements.


The developers of Mojang decided that since the players will be engaged in archaeology, they need to introduce some ancient mobs. Sniffer became the first dinosaur in the history of the game. This Minecraft 1.20 with archaeology creature has an unusual color, so users can notice it from afar.

The function of this mob is to search for unique seeds, which it finds by smell. Sniffer is born from an egg. Players cannot tame these unusual creatures, but can follow them to find seeds.

Options Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20

The Mojang team decided to give users of the archaeological update the opportunity to find not only ancient fragments, but also templates for creating new armor.

To create their own version of the armor, the Minecraft 1.20 with archaeology user also needs to have Smithing table.

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