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You only have 30 seconds to help you save the world. Sounds intricate? You are completely ideal! But apart from that, it is a large amount of pleasurable!

We at Important Reflex are delighted to introduce you to Aeon Push, a platformer in which you have to total each individual level in just fifty percent a minute, coming to you on PS4 and PS5. If our protagonist, space ranger Jackelyne, simply cannot handle to achieve her vacation spot on time, then the picturesque metropolis of New Barcelona will be doomed.

Aeon Drive: How to save the world in 30 seconds

The process is rather possible — but only if you know what you are performing. So we have place together these couple of guidelines — so that when the video game launches, you have a much better probability of saving the environment on your initially check out. Or on the 2nd just one. Or the third…

30 seconds still left.


Each individual degree in Aeon Travel is difficult to total on the initial test — most likely, 30 seconds will not be sufficient to find the best route. But which is the most remarkable part of the sport!

Jackelyne is in a time loop, which indicates you can make new makes an attempt for as prolonged as you want. A new attempt starts as shortly as Jackelyne dies or the timer expires. 

25 seconds left.


Jackelyne has a teleportation dagger — she can throw it in any course and right away shift toward it. It’s a truly valuable piece of technological innovation: thanks to it, you can quickly fly around a enormous hole or attain the ceiling.

This skill is critical: thanks to teleportation, you can get over a laser lure, which would otherwise eliminate you, or get to an otherwise inaccessible spot. In addition, by consistently teleporting, you can move a great deal speedier (duh!) — don’t ignore that each individual operate is limited by a 30 seconds timer. 

20 seconds left.

Manage time

Did we presently mention that you will need to full the amount in 30 seconds? Actually, it is not completely real. Jackelyne can handle time, so at times, she cheats a small by incorporating some excess time to this limit.

But it’s not that easy: to get the valuable additional seconds, you are going to will need to obtain time capsules scattered in the course of the stage, and this can get, effectively, time! In addition, these capsules require to be activated, and it is not so simple when you are continuously working somewhere, leaping, teleporting, and fighting enemies. To sum factors up, in this race against time, you will not be capable to earn until you discover to manage time by itself!

15 seconds remaining.

Be thorough

The streets of New Barcelona are patrolled by unsafe robots. Your initial instinct would in all probability be to assault them. Just after all, Jackelyne is exceptionally successful at working with them, many thanks to her electrical power sword. But it is not often the very best notion: these valuable seconds put in in a fight could probably cost you the whole endeavor. At times it is wiser to bypass the robotic or run away from it — this could help save time and will not expose on your own to additional threat.

Jackelyne has only a single hitpoint: if an enemy robotic manages to strike at her, she will die quickly. It is like in authentic life… With the exception that Jackelyne can start out all above again as numerous times as she wishes. But you should really even now act cautiously — if not, you will not be in a position to comprehensive the amount.

10 seconds left. 

Don’t limit your self

If you’ve unsuccessful quite a few related makes an attempt in a row or if the path normally takes much too prolonged, then it may perhaps be a fantastic idea to try a distinctive route. It will unquestionably be much more fascinating and far more helpful than repeating the exact same actions above and about all over again.

Every level in Aeon Generate can be done by having a number of routes, some significantly less clear than other folks. The far more common you are with the recreation, the a lot more selections you will see, and the more powerful routes you’ll be able to use.

5 seconds left.


If you have managed to comprehensive the degree — congratulations! But that is just the beginning: Aeon Generate is referred to as “a speedrun platformer” for a cause.

Are you absolutely sure that you’ve accomplished this stage in the most successful way? Maybe you could’ve minimize some corners, possibly you should’ve teleported rather of functioning in a couple of locations, or perhaps you have used much too a great deal time receiving in excess of some obstructions? In any case, there is constantly a cause to test once all over again!

The video game retains monitor of your results with a leaderboard: you can usually compare your performance to the benefits of other players. And it’s possible 1 day you will locate oneself at the top — if you’d established these kinds of a goal. Or just connect with your friends and compete with them in the PVP manner to uncover out who is the speediest ranger in New Barcelona!

Mission achieved!