GFN Thursday: 17 Games Join in November

The first GFN Thursday of the month always means a whole lot of “more” for GeForce NOW.

It’s such a big month — with a bounty of games and the next generation of cloud gaming in GeForce NOW RTX 3080 memberships set to activate — we’re tempted to call it NOWvember.

In all, 17 new games join the GeForce NOW library, including Core, with an “Encore” performance featuring deadmau5. Four of these additions are ready to stream this week.

Members can also get hyped to stream the latest content updates in the new season of Apex Legends.

The Future Is NOW

Gamers in North America who preordered a six-month GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership will start to have their accounts enabled with the new class of service this month. The rollout will continue until all requests have been fulfilled.

GeForce NOW RTX 3080 members are streaming from the world’s most powerful gaming supercomputer, the GeForce NOW SuperPOD. They enjoy a dedicated, high-performance cloud gaming rig, streaming at up to 1440p resolution and 120 frames per second on PCs and Macs, and 4K HDR at 60 FPS on SHIELD TV, with ultra-low latency that rivals many local gaming experiences.

You can still preorder a six-month RTX 3080 membership for $99.99, pending availability, to be among the first to power up your gaming experience. In addition to the higher resolutions, faster frame rates and lower latency, RTX 3080 members get the longest session lengths — clocking in at eight hours — and the most control over in-game settings.

Preorders in Europe are set to begin enablement in December. For more information about RTX 3080 memberships, check out our membership FAQ.

deadmau5 in the Hau5

Play thousands of free games, visit Oberhasli and experience exciting in-game events like the deadmau5 ‘Encore’ concert in Core.

Get ready, Core is coming with an “Encore” concert in the cloud this month featuring legendary producer, musician and DJ, deadmau5. Visit a multiverse of over 20,000 free-to-play, Unreal-powered games and worlds to explore, designed by a global community of developers. From shooters, survival and action adventure to MMORPGs, platformers and party games, Core has something new for every gamer, every day, and with GeForce now on nearly any device they own.

This week comes with something special. Members are invited to Oberhasli — a fully immersive digital world created from the epic vision of deadmau5, celebrating his iconic style and music — for a jam-packed event full of fun. Celebrate the launch of Core on GeForce NOW with an “Encore” performance of the exclusive, interactive and must-experience deadmau5 concert, with six showings running from Friday, Nov. 19, to Saturday, Nov. 20.

Play three games inspired by deadmau5’s music — Hop ‘Til You Drop, Mau5 Hau5 and Ballon Royale — while exploring 19 dystopian worlds created by the Core and deadmau5 creator community, featured in the official When The Summer Dies music video. Get exclusive deadmau5 skins, emotes and mounts and interact with other fans while streaming the event from Oberhasli on GeForce NOW.

November Has Come

Take on a culinary restaurant management sim to become the ultimate head chef in Recipe for Disaster.

This month comes with a harvest of 17 games coming to the GeForce NOW library, with four of these games ready this week.

Releasing this week:

Also coming in November:

We make every effort to launch games on GeForce NOW as close to their release as possible, but, in some instances, games may not be available immediately.

Do You Want More?

“Apex Legends: Escape,” the latest update of the hit free-to-play hero shooter from Respawn Entertainment and EA, launched this week on November 2. With the new update comes a new map, playable Legend, new weapon, new Battle Pass and more.

Welcome Ash, the host of the Arenas and the newest Legend who seeks the imperfections in enemies and then crushes them. Players will also be able to use the newest weapon, the C.A.R. SMG, a flexible weapon for when you’re ready to become the last Legend still standing. Plus, play on the exotic new map, Storm Point, streaming today on GeForce NOW.

All From October

A whole ‘New World’ streaming on GeForce NOW.

In addition to the 23 games that were announced to be coming to the cloud last month, these extras made it into the GeForce NOW library in October:

Unfortunately, a few games that we planned to release last month did not make it:

  • PC Building Simulator (Epic Games Store), no longer coming to GeForce NOW
  • EVE Online (Epic Games Store), coming to GeForce NOW in the near future
  • The Escapists (Epic Games Store), coming to GeForce NOW in the near future
  • Buccaneers! (new game launch on Steam), new launch date
  • Fire Commander (new game launch on Steam), new launch date
  • The Unliving (new game launch on Steam), new launch date

With all of the great gaming updates for this month, we have a creative question for you: