How The Simpsons Game has haunted me since 2008 •

It was the summer time of 2008, soon after a great deal pestering our mum eventually caved and purchased us the new Simpsons sport on PS2.

The Simpsons Video game first arrived out in autumn of the previous calendar year. Just after a lot hype and chat from our good friends and cousins, my brother and I stopped at very little right until we got our fingers on it. The game follows the Simpson relatives – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie – who study they are part of a online video match and are every supplied powers to defeat Matt Groening, God, and even killer dolphins, in buy to conserve Springfield.

When we very first began this sport, we located it straightforward. The initial mission as Homer was a piece of cake, virtually. We considered we would get by way of it with no bother – even with our absence of gaming capabilities at the time.

Oh, how we have been incorrect.

Confident, we defeated the two-headed dragon that resembled Aunt Selma and Patty, heading up towards evil dolphins, and even Futurama people. It was the mission from God that experienced me and my brother on the brink of meltdowns.

In heaven, the Simpson relatives meets God. To pass this mission, gamers will have to use the arrow keys in a obstacle that resembles one particular of all those arcade dance equipment. There are three rounds and after each and every spherical it will get more quickly, and if you mess up even after you have to start once again. Sounds simple, right?

Effectively, for 8-calendar year-outdated me and my brother, who was 9, it was hard. We would frequently attempt to get the buttons proper, tapping the controller aggressively hoping that this torture would conclusion. It didn’t.

As with most of our time actively playing online games collectively, there ended up tears and tantrums, and I am absolutely sure just one of us (likely both) threw the controller on the floor a several situations – earning us a telling-off from our mum – out of annoyance. Caught on this single mission, it got to a level exactly where my brother went to his friend’s house, getting our memory card with him and asking his close friend to complete the problem for us.

When I requested my brother how numerous attempts it took for his buddy to finish it, he looked at me straight-faced and mentioned he done it initial attempt.

What was mistaken with us? To say we have been embarrassed would be an understatement.

With that disgrace hanging on our shoulders due to the fact 2008, we not long ago spoke about this sport and how this past mission drove us the two to the issue of despair. We watched the mission on YouTube together striving to jog our memory of it. What we viewed and what we bear in mind playing have been two wholly various issues.

Why have been the arrows coming in so slow? In which were the several rounds? And why did it look so quick?

Not believing what we observed, we turned on our old PS2 and replayed the complete activity all over again for that past mission. And we could not imagine ourselves. We at last did it. It took us both equally one particular try out every single, and not a one sigh, swear, or clenching of controller was in sight!

Here’s to eight- and 9-calendar year-previous us!