Here’s our first look at Battlefield 2042’s weapon and character skins

Together with at last announcing solid beta dates and facts for Battlefield 2042, DICE also dropped yet another extensive-awaited piece of intel. That getting an introduction to how the recreation handles progression methods, and what unlocks players can assume.

Battlefield game titles have frequently experienced a troubled romantic relationship with progression methods, and numerous hoped DICE would revamp them for the future match. In a blog submit, the studio laid out the various development systems in the recreation, and how they are heading to reward gamers.

For starters, Battlefield 2042 has 99 regular stages. Over the training course of this journey, you can expect to be unlocking weapons, Professionals, automobiles, gadgets and some cosmetics. When you might be carried out with that, you can get into S-ranges, which achieve all the way to S999. This is mainly just a recognition of your time, so will not hope any benefits as you climb by the ranks.

Levelling up a weapon stays the only way to unlock attachments, and the very same is accurate for car updates. But you’ll also get paid mastery badges for acquiring plenty of kills with a supplied weapon, which unlock cosmetics this sort of as skins.

Ribbons return in Battlefield 2042, awarded when accomplishing standard tasks, these as kills, helps, participating in the aim and so on. They give XP rewards when acquired, and come in a few tiers.

Battlefield 2042 introduces player playing cards, an expanded edition of these personalised player identities. A card is built up of a number of levels for gamers to customise. There is the background art by itself, icon, title, and adequate space for badges and other accomplishments you may well want to present off. Player cards also appear in the get rid of screen, similar to past Battlefield game titles.

As for skins, DICE clarified that some of them will be unlockable, although other people can only be acquired. You are going to obtain skins and cosmetics for Professionals, weapons and motor vehicles. All of that will slot into four various rarities: prevalent, rare, epic, and famous.

Though Professional famous skins are exceptional outfits that are not able to be customised, rare and epic will consist of specific elements that you can mix and match with other skins (this sort of as headgear). You can expect to also be in a position to receive some of people cosmetics via mastery.

For weapon skins, DICE verified that they will implement to the whole weapon, which includes attachments. As for automobiles, you’ll be capable to more customise them with decals. You can also anticipate common weapon charms, and melee weapons with exceptional takedown animations.

Although most material in the beta will be pre-unlocked, it’ll absolutely be an option to sample some of these methods next 7 days. Battlefield 2042 is out November 19 on Personal computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, and Xbox Sequence X/S.