Gravity Falls Adventure Mode – Minecraft Building Inc

Consists of :
– 8 chapters from 8 episodes
– Roleplaying
– Open up Globe
– 6 Boss Fights
– Treasure chests in all places
– Exact Gravity Falls Map
– Gravity falls texture pack
– Gravity falls intro and cutscenes

What about it?
-Very simple and easy map generally meant for roleplaying than action and battling.
-One player. Multiplayer would perform much too but the key character is played as Dipper
-1 – 4 Hrs of gameplay relying on the player.
-Intro of Gravity falls Shut to the actual intro.
-Gravity Falls texture pack is necessary to enjoy the map
-Edition 1.11.2

-Don’t consider armor or heads from armorstands/characters
-Do not go when the display goes black and claims “Travelling…”
-Do not go imaginative.
-Check out to not go absent when a character is speaking. If you get much too much from the previous strain plate. You may possibly not development the recreation.



Obtain Listed here :



Other hyperlinks and Credits:
-Thoroughly clean Gravity falls map (Does not involve source pack):
-Original Gravity Falls resource pack:

I do not have the source pack. The Journey is only 8 Chapters performed out of 12 of the at first prepared chapters. The Experience it self may possibly not be as precise as recreating every single and each episodes. But it includes various part of episodes. I will create Chapter 9 if this receives Well-liked Ample or if I deal with to finish it.

Gravity falls texture pack (included in down load) is Expected before enjoying the map. The Edition is only 1.11.2

Report any difficulties of the map at the feedback area

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