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Uncover The Items
This is the 3rd section of Captain’s musical Trilogy. Uncover The Pieces


It is about a prince that experienced a smaller eyesight although he’s sleeping about his previous. About his father and his kingdom. As he remembered these points. He experimented with to obtain much more clues to know far more about his earlier. He experienced alot of obstacles in his way ahead of he achieved his desired destination and know everything

-Participate in as the prince
-Obtain your Earlier from a vision
-Trade and get things with emeralds to Wizards,Blacksmiths and Vacation Suppliers.
-Engage in as the 1 in the songs video.
-Uncover scattered emeralds in the Kingdom and Desert Village to purchase weapons and other things.

This is an experience map – Version 1.8. – 1.8.6

Try not to do the following:
Do not trade with civilians. Only at the wizard,blacksmith and vacation provider
Do not go out of the Desert Village, Kingdom, and Harbor
Comprehensive it in journey mode(You can go imaginative if redstone malfunction)

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