Far Cry 6 map: which territory should you go to first?

Want to know which territory you must go to very first in Significantly Cry 6? In correct Ubisoft trend, Far Cry 6 drops gamers into an amazingly substantial and open up-finished map, the place soon after the initially beginning missions you will have the freedom to decide on where by in the massive island of Yara you want to pay a visit to. Each and every of the a few important territories is packed with articles, characters, and animals – so have a go through about each and every just one beneath and obtain out which territory you must commence with in the Significantly Cry 6 map.

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Far Cry 6 map: which territory must you go to 1st?

As you are going to know if you’ve go through our Far Cry 6 tips and methods tutorial, the map of Yara is definitely substantial. At the time you depart Isla Santuario, the setting up island of Significantly Cry 6, the recreation seriously begins to open up. From the very small Libertad Island you will immediately be specified absolutely free reign to vacation any place in Yara. Aside from the funds, Esperanza, which we are going to chat about later, there are 3 key territories in Yara: Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este.

Just about every of these territories is around equal in terms of sizing, issue, and the total of time you can commit there completing main functions and side quests. In just each and every territory you need to make get hold of with a selected group and assist them out enough that they’re going to concur to assist you in the invasion of the funds afterwards on in the activity. But the buy in which you stop by these territories is totally up to you.

A map of Yara in Far Cry 6.
The 3 most significant territories on the Considerably Cry 6 map can be tackled in any purchase you like.

Having claimed that, Madrugada is a fantastic initially location to get started. As the commence of the manufacturing chain of Viviro, the most cancers-managing plant upon which the antagonist Anton Castillo’s prosperity and ability is established, it truly is an great territory to start out at from a storytelling standpoint – and it can be stuffed with good figures and powerful household drama concerning the Monteros. You also unlock the Guerrilla Camp at the Monteros’ farm quite swiftly, and its place to the much south of the territory makes for a rather enjoyable northward thrust as you function by way of the territory conquering enemy camps and destroying Anti-Plane Cannons.

But a shut next-spot is El Este, simply just simply because I like the setting there. It really is also stuffed with its share of drama and good characters (especially El Tigre), but there’s something specially special about getting dropped in the jungle-loaded mountains, searching down enemy troopers among the wild flora and fauna of Yara. If you want to deviate from the route advised by the activity, I’d go to El Este to start with.

Yet another detail really worth bearing in intellect is that right after setting foot in every single territory’s principal Guerrilla Camp, you are going to really quickly obtain accessibility to a quest which can unlock a particular Amigo. So if you happen to be immediately after a certain animal companion, this may possibly affect your option of which territory to check out to start with.

The territory of Madrugada in Far Cry 6.


Madrugada is composed predominantly of tobacco farmland, and it is the dwelling of the Monteros – a impressive and influential relatives of farmers-turned-flexibility-fighters who need enable remaining alive and suitable even though Anton Castillo and his nephew Jose enslave Madrugada’s populace and set them to do the job as cogs in the Viviro creation equipment.

It can be a terrific spot to start your journey on the Yaran mainland – stuffed with excellent quests, vibrant characters, and spouse and children squabbles. It is really also in which you can discover and unlock Chorizo the puppy as an animal companion, so that is a large additionally.

The territory of Valle De Oro in Far Cry 6.

Valle De Oro

Valle De Oro demands your focus simply because it is property to Maximas Matanzas, a rap crew led by Talia and Paolo, whose influential voices will be really significant in the approaching conflict towards Castillo. It truly is the most sprawling territory of all, reaching all the way to the northmost element of Yara – and the north-japanese portion of Valle De Oro is home to Castillo’s personal influential voice: his Minister of Society, Maria Marquessa, who desires to be taken out of the photograph as quickly as attainable.

Completing the to start with major quest in Valle De Oro brings you to the new Guerrilla Camp led by Maximas Matanzas, and in this article you can embark on a quest to unlock Growth Increase, one more canine companion.

The territory of El Este in Far Cry 6.

El Este

El Este is a mountainous area loaded with thick jungle and a great deal of prospect early on for parkour, climbing, and sliding around everywhere. Large in the mountains are living the Legends Of ’67, the fighters who overthrow Castillo’s father again in the day. Libertad demands their assistance with the invasion of Esperanza, but they are not the only freedom-fighters in El Este. More youthful blood exists in the variety of La Moral, led by Yelena and Jonrón – and it is quickly revealed that they do not specially see eye-to-eye with the Legends. Nevertheless, anyway. That, of system, is where you appear in.

El Este’s thick jungle adds a sure anything to your Guerrilla-ing all-around, and the sheer verticality of at the very least the southern 50 percent of the territory is a welcome transform from the relative flatness you will come across in other places. Shortly following assembly the Legends you are going to be ready to commence a quest to unlock Chicharrón, a bloodthirsty rooster with a awful mood. Who knows, you may possibly not need to have any much more convincing than that.

Far Cry 6: the player parachutes towards Esperanza, the capital city of Yara.

Other territories

Apart from Madrugada, Valle De Oro, and El Este, there are 3 other territories that make up Yara. And in reality, by the time you appear to established foot on the primary three territories, you can expect to presently have set foot in the some others.

Esperanza is the capital of Yara, and the base of functions of Anton Castillo and his son, Diego. It is the place you began your journey as Dani in the opening times of Significantly Cry 6 as you tried to escape Yara. It truly is also, as you could possibly think about, the most intensely guarded territory of all – a veritable fortress of a city filled with patrolling elite guards and restricted regions. You’re commonly inspired not to established foot there (at the very least early on) unless of course the story missions give you a rationale to go there.

Isla Santuario is the real setting up island of Considerably Cry 6. It truly is relatively modest and rather harmless compared with the relaxation of Yara, but it can be nonetheless filled with enemies, tricks, and wrongs to be righted in the title of Libertad.

At the time you complete the major missions in Isla Santuario, you and Clara will ship off in direction of Libertad Island, which is primarily your individual base of functions during the activity. You can return to this tiny island any time you want to chat with Juan or just want a crack from the infinite enemy patrols you may come across everytwhere else in Yara.

Ideally this swift primer on just about every of the territories that make up Yara in Significantly Cry 6 has served you very well. If you’re at this issue in the game, you might want to test out our web pages on how to get Depleted Uranium and Gunpowder to unlock and upgrade your tools. It truly is also a fantastic plan to have an understanding of the various ammo varieties in Significantly Cry 6.

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