ExZeus: The Complete Collection Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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ExZeus: The Comprehensive Collection

Ziggurat Interactive, Inc.

Hostile alien forces have established their sights on Earth and will halt at practically nothing to wipe our civilization from existence. The invaders look for to use their highly developed engineering to annihilate humanity, but they weren’t expecting the persons of Earth to counter with sophisticated technological know-how of our have. Enter Undertaking ExZeus, humanity’s past and finest defense to repel the otherworldly menace and restore peace to our tiny blue world working with ultra high tech battling robots! Consider handle of 4 distinctive robots and blast those people aliens again to the place they came from in these motion-centered higher-traveling 3D arcade fashion rail shooters!


In the calendar year 2102 C.E. a large, formerly unidentified asteroid entered Earth’s orbit and started unleashing waves of assaults on the earth, killing countless numbers of people today each day and devastating human civilization. The fortunate couple of who survived the original onslaught managed to escape deep underground, narrowly blocking humanity’s extinction. The Governing Council purchased an rapid counter-attack using three experimental robots: Calista, Sophia, and Dynamis. With that, Operation ExZeus was born. Now, you have to pick out a single of the a few big traveling robots to acquire into fight versus the invading forces of Diadora. Soar by way of the skies, blast absent enemies, and reclaim Earth for its people today!

ExZeus 2

Immediately after a century of peace, Operation ExZeus and the defeat of Diadora are but a distant memory for the individuals of Earth. On the other hand, the peace was not to final. A new menace has emerged from deep place in the kind of five mysterious pods, each individual one a weapon of mass destruction, which have landed in densely populated areas all-around the world. To combat these new threats, Operation ExZeus has been reopened with the famous robots Calista, Sophia, and Dynamis becoming fused collectively to generate the ultimate battling robotic, Minos. Dominate the land and skies as you consider command of Minos to repel the alien threat, ruin the 5 pods, and defeat the invaders the moment and for all!

• Give your result in finger a exercise and unleash your whole arsenal of weaponry and super assaults against waves of invading alien forces.

• Struggle as a result of urban cityscapes, dense forests, snow-covered mountains, desert wastelands, and even beneath the sea to eradicate the menace to mankind.

• Take on large bosses that will exam your skills to their limit though you dodge a hail of attacks and choose aim for their weak points.

• Collect gold through your missions to invest on strength, shields, mega bombs, and extra.

Notice: You might pre-download this game, but it will not be playable right until the release day/time: 09/30/2024 &#8211 9:00 AM (check the products page for release day/time in your area).
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Internet site: ExZeus
Twitter: @Sickhead@playziggurat

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