Expensive Wireless Earbuds Aren’t Worth It — Here’s Why

I have always hated my tangled up wired earbuds. But are wi-fi earbuds like the Apple AirPods genuinely value your income? The modern tech-craze fueled by the church of Apple has revealed that there is a huge demand for a potential in which no wire will ever be tangled up once again.

But would you buy AirPods Professional for a whopping $249.99 USD?

There are a whole lot of seriously superior wired earbuds you could invest in for that value. And you’d by no means reduce them as rapidly, due to the fact that is what tends to transpire to wi-fi headphones all the time. It is no shock that Apple had to consist of a tracking function in their gadgets. So why would you have to stay away from AirPods? Are they well worth it these days, and in 2024 or further than? No, and here’s why.


Why Wi-fi Earbuds Are NOT Worth It

Provide on the haters, for the reason that I’m prepared to demolish a complete industry niche in this article. Correct wireless earbuds are garbage. Stop looking through there if you truly feel like it, but I have acquired some arguments to assist my bold assert. Hopefully, this can help you with your order final decision.


1. Audio delay in wireless earbuds

A major issue with wi-fi devices is the audio hold off. This is a main concern that is not likely to ever be solved — it basically usually takes time to transport info via the air. Although Bluetooth is improving upon with this, the delay will even now lead to visible audio sync issues.

That is also real for your extravagant new AirPods, by the way.

Audio delay can be accounted for by the company, but sync problems hold popping up left and correct. For now, audiophiles will not be able to enjoy their wireless headphones. The latency issues are simply far too large, in pretty much all correct wireless earbuds.

Really do not acquire it from me, but use really hard data from an AirPods latency check done by this blog:


Machine Latency Chip
AirPods Gen 1 274 ms Apple W1
AirPods Gen 2 178 ms Apple H1
AirPods Pro 144 ms Apple H1


2. The battery dies (a good deal)

One particular of the significant difficulties I’ve often had with wireless products is the battery. Belief me, I’m definitely not alone in this. The battery offers me straight-up anxiety to in fact use my earbuds. Mainly because what if they die mid-session?

These times, I go out of my way to invest in wired products and solutions. They’re not only improved, but also less costly.

Possessing one fewer trouble to stress about is a blessing to me. It frees up so a lot house in your mind, to get pleasure from lifestyle. It’s the worst emotion in the globe to see your battery lower, and obtaining to cost it prior to using it.

The worst aspect is not even the low battery however. It is the simple fact that battery issues normally get even worse in excess of time. The additional you use the units, the more durable the battery dies. This is legitimate for your smartphone, notebook, and also your wireless earbuds. And there’s no way all-around it.

At greatest, AirPods Professional will give you 4.5 hours of listening time. Think about you desired to hear to it at do the job, and you forgot your scenario. Tricky luck buddy, you’re going to have to sit there with a unhappy deal with following fifty percent a day. Mainly because you are all out of juice.


3. You can quickly reduce wireless earbuds

Really don’t arrive at me with the argument that your AirPods really don’t fall out of your ears. They do. Because that ‘perfect fit’ is not ideal when you’re running or working out. Gravity will generally be more powerful. In particular when you slumber with your AirPods Pro in bed.

And if they do tumble out, or you materialize to depart them in that cafeteria, what are you likely to do?

Indeed, you can track your unit on your Apple iphone, but:

  • AirPods can go offline: Remember that batteries of wi-fi earbuds die promptly? That incorporates the tracking operation. Absolutely sure, it is good to track them, but when they are not acquiring charged before long, you’ll only be in a position to use that for the ‘last seen’ area. Entirely useless.
  • You can be at the site and it can be everywhere: For the sake of argument, let’s say your battery magically has infinite ability. And you are actually at the location where by those AirPods have been final seen. Then what? Are you gonna go via the pile of dirt to uncover a product not even bigger than your pinky? Some individuals never ever uncover them again, or will only locate again one AirPod.
  • If it is stolen and you monitor it going to bumfuck nowhere: Are you gonna capture the bad guys? Possibly not. If someone took your AirPods and they choose it to their household, the law enforcement are not going to enable you. Specifically if the bad fellas are intelligent and take them to yet another state. Delight in tracking your AirPods all the way to Somalia. No offense to individuals that are from there, but it occurs.


4. Wireless earbuds are not designed for the things

Lots of wi-fi earbuds aren’t waterproof. And they often cannot stand warmth both. They are fragile gadgets, when it comes to basically employing them. And that can make them a lot worse than a whole lot of the cheaper alternatives.

Reasonable plenty of, your AirPods may endure the washing machine (if you are sensible).

But which is an exception somewhat than the rule. You just cannot get your AirPods in the shower, for case in point. You might acquire your device with you in the rain, but even that can be a questionable work out. So you’re going to have to sit in your air-conditioned, humidity-controlled, CO2-balanced office environment space only.

Don’t trouble using your wireless earbuds outdoors, simply because they can not deal with h2o nor heat. And if they could, they would tumble out and you are going to have to go back to my preceding position: you are heading to get rid of them. Which is not quite great, thinking about the substantial price tag point.


5. Wireless earbuds are needlessly costly

Guaranteed, those AirPods are a awesome trend statement, but at what cost? Changing them non-end and having no dollars in your bank account? All I’m declaring is, if you do not care nicely for your earbuds, you’re going to have to fork above a good deal of cash for new ones.

I have pointed out the rate of the newer AirPods Pro at the commencing of this report.

Which is obviously an Apple price issue, but the competitiveness isn’t significantly powering. Challenging wi-fi engineering is simply a little bit harder to make. Wired gadgets are basic, they really do not need all these extravagant application connections. Wired headphones just do the job with plug-and-engage in.

Taking into consideration their fragile character and the likelihood of getting rid of them: why bother? To encounter delayed audio for a top quality cost? That is not for me, but if it is one thing you get pleasure from, go suitable in advance and acquire them. If they’re truly worth it to you, that is.


Would AirPods Be Worth It To You?

There is no denying that so-known as “accurate wi-fi earbuds” have a big long run. Corporations like Apple make absolutely sure to develop demand from customers for this sort of specialized niche merchandise, even if there would be none at first. Futuresource Consulting has believed that true wireless earbuds will capture two-thirds of the entire earbuds industry by 2024.

For a good deal of persons, true wi-fi headphones are the foreseeable future.

For me, my low-priced wired earbuds operate just great. For you, this could be various. It is a private desire. If AirPods or other legitimate wi-fi headphones (Sony, Sennheiser, Bose, and so forth.) are worthy of it to you, will depend on a selection of components:

  • How you use headphones: If you’re a everyday user, the expense may well be a little bit high. But if you use them all working day every day, the increased cost could possibly totally justify your use of the new tech. Hardcore buyers will get a great deal additional out of their funds than persons that only use their headphones from time to time.
  • How a lot you are keen to commit: If the comparatively large price of wi-fi earbuds is worthy of it to you, go for it. I really don’t know your spending plan or paying out patterns. I’m a person who’s not inclined to devote a great deal on an audio gadget if it does not boost the audio high-quality. Wireless doesn’t do that. If anything, it tends to make it worse. But you will get a entire selection of other tech advancements for the funds.
  • How considerably social status issues to you: AirPods have come to be a vogue item. In some social circles, you are not great if you do not don them. Social status is meaningless to me, but if you want to healthy in, this could be a big cause to bounce on the trend. Just like I do not treatment about carrying excessively high-priced ‘Supreme’ shirts, you may possibly obtain that vital to your currently being.
  • How watchful you are with your earbuds: There is no denying that little wireless units can be lost easily. Collectively with the higher value, this could pose a genuine challenge to folks that tend to drop their things. If that’s you, some affordable wired headphones could be a better choice for you. You are considerably less very likely to shed them, and if you do you merely get new kinds for a little quantity of cash.


So, are AirPods or equivalent legitimate wi-fi gadgets value it to you? I have shared my own impression listed here, but I’d adore to listen to what you believe of this new trend as effectively.

Does the new development excite you, or are you nevertheless on the fence about acquiring your have? Let me know in the discussion section beneath!

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.