Exclusive Look At New Shin Megami Tensei V Designs For Mara, Kaya-no-hime, And More

We’re about a thirty day period absent from the launch of Shin Megami Tensei V’s November 12 launch, and what better way to celebrate than to get far more glimpses at the recreation? These days, we have special data and screenshots that exhibit off the demons you will encounter and what’s awaiting you in Da’at, an substitute, put up-apocalyptic Tokyo.

Very first up, demons! You will come across more than 200 demons in your journey. You can anticipate the classics, but a number of new demons will also look, developed by Masayuki Doi, who has worked with Atlus considering the fact that Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Right now, we get to see how some of the traditional demons, these kinds of as Mara and Kaya-no-hime, have been updated for the recreation. And certainly, we also have extra appears to be like at Nuwa and her fight qualities in action. She’s going to give the protagonist a great deal of problems, is not she?


Now that we’ve targeted on some of the faces you’ll encounter, it is time to appear at the venue you will meet them in. In the course of your time in SMT V, you are going to discover Da’at, an option, article-apocalyptic Tokyo. As we showed in our past update, the terrain of this expansive earth will change drastically depending on the place, as will the enemies and troubles of the traversal. We also talked over Gustave and Cadaver’s Hollow, which you access at leylines which allow you to preserve at a variety of spots in Da’at. Now, we have additional screens demonstrating off Gustave.


In our past update, we also mentioned Abscesses and quest navigators. Abscesses are mysterious pink buildings that block your route, and they are accompanied by potent enemies lurking close by. Having down an Abscess unblocks the route and nets you Glory, which you can invest to grasp new powerful abilities called Miracles. The gallery underneath demonstrates this in action, as well as quest navigator Amanozako, who functions as your guide as you check out Da’at, presenting helpful hints and pointing to treasure. Atlus explained she will not be your only navigator, confirming some demons may also be a part of you as navigators fairly than allies in battles.


That is it for now. Get pleasure from the more in-depth glimpse at Shin Megami Tensei V? Permit us know in the feedback under what has you most energized for the activity, which hits the Nintendo Switch exclusively on November 12. 

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:08:48.