Eternals’ ending, explained by Marvel’s bigger movie universe

Eternals is a odd installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is primarily based on obscure figures with 1 of the weirdest backstories in comics, and capabilities a race of creator gods who glance like huge bulky robot toys.

So in some ways, it tends to make sense that Eternals would have probably the weirdest ending of any Marvel movie nonetheless — it’s bought a put up-credits scene for a final scene, and a clear route toward an Eternals 2 (or maybe even a greater Avengers 5-ish crossover function). Even even now, the ending to the movie could possibly depart even the most significant MCU admirers scratching their heads. Here’s how to begin to parse out what took place at the close of the Eternals, based on the movie continuity and a bit of comics lore.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Eternals.]

What happens at the conclude of Eternals?

Sersi (Gemma Chan) in Eternals.

Graphic: Marvel Studios

The final scenes of Eternals enjoy out as normal for an ensemble blockbuster. The major menace (the start of Tiamut and the destruction of Earth) has been avoided, and our heroes are still left to form out the effects of that battle on their interactions.

In self-imposed penance for turning from Arishem, Ikaris hurls himself into the sunlight. Kingo, who sat out the final struggle, adopts Sprite — who is now just a mortal human child with the memories of an Eternal and has to show up at normal human university with a usual human cellphone. And Sersi goes on a stroll in the park with her usual human boyfriend, Dane Whitman.

Dane is just about to drop some surprising news on Sersi about his individual darkish secret when all of a sudden items end staying so happily ever soon after.

The Celestial Arishem towers in the void of space in Marvel’s Eternals.

Picture: Marvel Studios

Arishem, the Eternals’ robotic father, scoops Sersi and a number of other figures out into space with him — some who participated in killing Tiamut, and some who did not, like Kingo and Sprite. They have been all pretty naughty, and they are so, so grounded. Arishem is getting them absent for a although, but claims that he will return to Earth at some position in the upcoming, to decide no matter whether or not they have been proper, and if humanity’s potential was really value extra than the probable of the worlds and galaxies Tiamut may have created.

And then the motion picture finishes.

But what does that signify for Eternals 2?

Analyzing the opportunity well worth or moral mettle of an total world of sentients is amid the points that Celestials are most recognized for in Marvel Comics. In a way, the ending of Eternals is a lot more like how most Marvel Comics superheroes 1st experience Celestials: As humongous and ineffable cosmic judges.

1 of Eternals’ article credits scenes further more suggests that the up coming time we see the Eternals, they’ll be worried with whichever Arishem has prepared, as Druig, Thena, and Makkari fulfill a pair of uncommon allies who say they can support them track down their missing close friends. That could be in a sequel to Eternals, or it could probably be something extra.

Immediately after all, what is a even larger threat than Thanos, the outcast Eternal? Perfectly, there is usually the nigh-omnipotent Celestials who created the Eternals in the initially spot. And undoubtedly Marvel writers have discovered techniques to carry the superheroic universe collectively with the much more cosmic components in excess of the years.