Dusk update brings console features to the PC version

The intense Gen X FPS known as Dusk recently arrived on Nintendo Swap, which would not be information to us other than that Dusk developer David Szymanski designed it so by utilizing this as an chance to update his sport. Several console-specific options have been ported back in excess of to the Personal computer variation as section of the New and Outdated Update.

There’s a weapon wheel, which you can bring up by holding down Q or the right bumper on a controller. Controller bindings are seemingly much better now, and you can find DualShock 4 guidance. The globe map really should be a lot easier to study, and there’s a traditional HUD with a ’90s id vibe, which changes to search a lot more Satanic in just about every episode. A few of accessibility features have been additional as well, permitting automobile-hop and automobile-climb.

Additional Dusk-y updates are still to occur, as the accompanying web site write-up notes: “Now that all this stuff is Finally out of the way… We can get back to doing the job on the remaining SDK features and Steam Workshop guidance. And boy oh boy is that workshop likely to arrive pre loaded with some GOODIES.” Dusk is presently moddable, and you can even operate your previous Half-Existence and Quake maps in it, but a complete Steam Workshop would be a effortless addition.

Dusk has also just been additional to a Steam bundle termed the New Blood FPS Trilogy, which combines it with Amid Evil and Ultrakill for a frankly harmful sum of retro shooter action. 

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.