Deliver Packages For a Big Cat with a Giant Tank When ConnecTank Rolls Out Today

Finneas Fat Cat, a transport magnate who has a fleet of big honking tanks, is looking for you to support produce deals all throughout New Pangea. ConnecTank has gamers phase within a mammoth machine, website link conveyor belts and craft ammo to battle tanks from rival titans of transportation. You can push through the game’s procedurally created entire world in solitary player method or carry up to 3 buddies and round up yarn balls for Finneas in couch co-op enjoy. ConnecTank’s wacky globe was composed by Patrick Baker who was a writer for Cartoon Network’s “The Normal Clearly show.” Following a sneak peek demo as portion of the [email protected] Summertime Activity Fest, we’re thrilled to provide ConnecTank to Xbox One and Collection X|S these days and we introduced Patrick right here to notify us about how he wrote the game’s humorous story.


Director Spencer Yip: In ConnecTank, almost everything from yarn balls to pizza is sent by means of a large honking tank. What is heading on below?

Narrative Director Patrick Baker: ConnecTank requires spot in New Pangea, which is our planet in a distant long term the place all of the continents have reconnected to become a person massive landmass. Business in New Pangea can be cutthroat, so you want a car or truck that can protect your cargo. Furthermore, large honking tanks with tremendous rad patterns are amazing. If you were a abundant businessman and you experienced an excuse to make big, nuts-on the lookout tanks with your name on them, you’d do it much too.

Yip: Who are the three titans of marketplace you can get the job done for?

Baker: The major business enterprise magnates of New Pangea are Finneas Excess fat Cat the Fifteenth, Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford, and Emperor Pontius Penguin.

Fat Cat is each a literal and figurative body fat cat. An unrepentant capitalist, he’s reminiscent of the Gilded Age robber barons like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt. He has an outdated-timey demeanor that would make him audio like Theodore Roosevelt when he speaks. Often you’ll be driving wanted components to his manufacturing facility, or you may possibly be driving to go obtain a significant ball of yarn that he was just a little much too zealous with.


Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford is a patron of the arts 1st and the heir to a banking fortune second. If you are familiar with the Medici family from Renaissance-era Florence, he’s comparable to them in that he’s mainly fascinated in throwing dollars at paintings, sculptures, and museums, but he also requirements to do the dull function of jogging a banking empire. The good thing is, he’s obtained you to do these tedious responsibilities for him. You could be driving to obtain marble for his following statue, or hurrying to maintain an ice sculpture that he could have sworn was crystal when he paid out 1000’s of dollars for it.

Eventually, there’s Emperor Pontius Penguin. Emperor Penguin fought a revolution in the tundra to overthrow the royalist leader there, the Prince of Whales. When he defeated the prince, he promised that he would construct a just and equitable modern society where the employees of the tundra would unite for the glory of the tundra! You may just be gathering his mobile phone (which he still left in an Uber) or selecting up his tuxedo. Really don’t seem so astonished that Emperor Penguin wears a tuxedo.

Yip: What was it like producing for ConnecTank? How is it unique from writing a Tv set show?

Baker: Now appears like a excellent time to be aware that Spencer contacted me about ConnecTank mainly because I’d been a writer for Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show” as well as for some other animated demonstrates. He realized that the world of ConnecTank was heading to feel a minor wacky and surreal, so my encounter on “Regular Show” probably manufactured me a very good healthy. I’ve normally liked movie online games and I needed to write for them, so I’m incredibly happy Spencer questioned me to be part of the crew.


Just one of the dissimilarities is that the player’s selection and company can genuinely alter how a story unfolds in a online video sport. Tv and videos are pretty linear. There is often a beginning, middle, and conclusion to just about every tale, and it is normally seen in that get. Some game titles are like this far too. That is not real in a recreation that has branching dialogue, an open up globe, or a number of endings.

In ConnecTank, the participant usually has the decision of which missions they want to acquire, and with which figures. That meant that players may possibly interact with what I wrote entirely out of any order I could foresee. Also, if one particular participant truly enjoys functioning with Unwanted fat Cat, but hates performing with Longneck (I do not know why you’d dislike that he’s charming), then I needed to look at what the world and dialogue ought to look like in a variation of the activity where Longneck just wasn’t a significant player in New Pangea. As a end result, the ConnecTank mission spreadsheet was loaded with all types of stories that could possibly only surface if a particular leader had a large amount of electric power, or none at all.


This also potential customers to a further factor that you have to contemplate when composing for online games that you do not need to take into account when writing for Television set: There may be complete sets of dialogue or full missions that you write, and a player may in no way see them. Unless another person falls asleep in the center of my Television episode, they’ll see anything I wrote. This isn’t usually true in games. I’ve had people ask me if I obtain that disappointing as a writer. On the opposite, I feel it is definitely fascinating. I love that I can always find some thing new that was earlier hidden away. I definitely hope that gamers go on to engage in ConnecTank over and about to make certain they located all the tales I wrote. I would choose that as a incredibly higher honor.

Thank you for supplying us insight about ConnecTank’s story, Patrick! ConnecTank is accessible now for Xbox 1 and Xbox Collection X|S! Comply with @ConnecTank on Twitter for the hottest news and allow us know if you will be driving for Finneas Excess fat Cat, Lord Lewis Longneck or Emperor Pontius Penguin.

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Building deliveries is never an simple job. But throw in massive and one of a kind damaging tanks you have to fight into the blend? That’s everyday living as a new courier for Finneas Extra fat Cat XV, a person of the leading tycoons in New Pangea!&#13
The good news is, you are going to have a mammoth sized tank of your individual when you go out on deliveries. Join conveyor belts and blast enemy tanks with ammo you craft in the warmth of fight. Fund new ammo and gizmos to consider down even the most terrifying of tanks! Collect diverse elements from the tanks you defeat, and you can be ready use people tanks as well!&#13
Do you have what it normally takes to turn out to be Finneas Excess fat Cat’s best fixer? And spread his title and wealth even wider? Finneas is counting on you, aged bean!&#13
– Go into struggle by itself, or convey up to 3 mates for 4-participant co-op action as a result of neighborhood multiplayer or Remote Play Together!&#13
– That includes a humorous story written by Patrick Baker of Normal Show fame.&#13
– Choose on more than 100 missions the place no two playthroughs will at any time be the same.&#13
– Crush the levels of competition with over 70 unlockable tanks loaded with diverse ammunition and abilities.

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