Dagon is a free, immersive cosmic horror adventure

The seemingly quite generous and talented individuals above at Little bit Golem have allow unfastened a free of charge horror journey on Steam, an adaptation of the limited tale Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft. It is really a match that usually takes spot somewhere within the morphine-addled thoughts of a previous ship’s officer, and in that way it is incredibly a lot the “100% trustworthy adaptation of the original story” that it promises to be. Dagon usually takes about 30 minutes to comprehensive.

Dagon is fully no cost on Steam. So you can just go get it. It only supports controllers, but beggars won’t be able to be choosers. It will update with VR guidance in Oct of this yr. Bit Golem is a polish indie studio doing work on their 1st activity, the fishing and investigation thriller Tales of Herring Lake.

If you come to a decision you like Dagon, there is a $5 DLC with audiobook and e book to guidance the builders.

I’m a observed cosmic horror sport skeptic, and I’m by no means stunned when a activity with the concept is lousy. I am shocked when they are great. Dagon strikes a nice equilibrium: It truly is a level-and-click on journey, so it is really a lot more strolling you by way of an interactive tale relatively than giving up a narrative in which you are a elementary participant. Which is a great step of take out for the style. But if it interests you, very well, go give it a shot. It’s totally free.