Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset Review

Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset Review

Sometimes you want a pair of less expensive headphones. But just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad audio, bad design, and poor build quality. The Corsair HS35 is comfortable without being unpleasant after many hours of play, thanks to memory foam earmuffs and a soft headband. It is sturdy enough to handle reckless putting on and taking off. To learn more about this product, read the complete Corsair HS35 gaming headset review below.

Why Should You Purchase this?

Because the headset weighs just 250 grams, it feels light in the palm and much lighter in the head. That’s a significant weight reduction over the 331-gram Corsair HS50, which features metal buds.

Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset Review


  • The audio isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s on par with most mid-range headphones and reaches some snappy highs (even if the bass can’t quite compete with the Razer Kraken TE).
  • The microphone is clear and removable, and it comes with a color-coded wire that connects to any 3.5mm port.
  • The headphones are rather broad and will comfortably accommodate big ears. There is enough flexibility and length on the sliders and a pivot and swivel towards the earcups to accommodate a broad range of head sizes.
  • Surprisingly, the size adjustment sliders between the headband and the tips are made of metal, unusual in a low-cost headset. That metal adds a wonderful contrast to the silver Corsair emblem in the center of each ear cup.
  • Easily connect and play on your PC, Xbox One *, PS4, Switch, or mobile devices using a 3.5mm connection.
  • The overpowering bass was the first thing I noticed every time I put on the Corsair HS35 headset. The bass end is thick and murky, drowning out the upper frequencies.
  • That problem is most noticeable when the volume is pushed up, and since these headphones can be extremely loud, it’s simple to put the volume back up and achieve a somewhat better balance, but they still have a touch of heavy bass.
  • Because the Corsair HS35 uses a 3.5mm connection, it is compatible with practically any device (except that many modern smartphones may need an adapter).
  • A headphone/microphone splitter is also included in the box for use with devices that do not have a combo connector. The height is 5.9 feet. When not in use, the cable is rubberized and comes with a strap to wrap around it.
  • When you’re outfitted with the Corsair HS35 gaming headset, there’s no halting your tactical attacks. This headset’s 50mm neodymium speaker drivers produce clean and crisp sounds that you would miss throughout a match. A unidirectional microphone allows you to converse clearly with your teammates and opponents.


The construction components are mostly plastic, as one would anticipate from a headset at this budget range, with an aluminum headband creating the base frame. While some manufacturers use plastic to get a very perfunctory overall design, Corsair has a penchant for keeping things nice with its cheap headsets, as shown here and with the HS35’s siblings, the HS50 and HS70.

The brushed metal insignia on each ear cup is anything from cheap, thanks to a clever combination of matte and gloss textures. Corsair deserves praise for creating such a clean overall design on a minimal budget.

Those smart judgments are carried over into the headband and earcup cushioning, with the former being particularly generous. Cloth fabric has a huge impact on the overall sound of any headset, including this one. Because the HS35’s cotton fabric lacks the tight contact point of a leatherette pad, there is some sound leak and some low-end loss. However, since it is a significantly more breathable fabric, it comes into its own during longer workouts and hotter seasons.

The earcups are big enough to fit most ears comfortably, but like the HS50 and HS70, they’re very shallow in the pad and may push on the antihelix (the tougher ridge of the outer ear) if your ears are on the bigger side. Pro tip: you may alleviate this little, but not fully, by stretching the headband out more.

These are little cans weighing just 0.6 pounds (250g). Because one of this reviewer’s all-time faves, the HyperX Cloud Alpha, weighs approximately 100g more than this, light does not necessarily imply comfy (0.7 pounds, 336g). However, weight is unquestionably an essential issue in long-term comfort. The HS35’s headband design prevents it from digging into the top of the head. However, if you have somewhat bigger ears, there will be rubbing or pushing on your antihelix that will not go away throughout longer sessions.

Performance in Audio

The different finishes and memory foam cushions won’t matter if the drivers sound like soggy phone speakers. The HS35, which sounds comparable to Corsair’s HS50 or HS70 headsets, gets the job done with a passable tone. It covers the normal frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz, has enough low-end to sell the dramatic in-game explosions and gunfights, and has enough clarity to guarantee that the low-end doesn’t drown out anything else.

The low-end characteristics, which those large 50mm speakers drive, are rather loose, akin to the bass you experience when you use DTS: HeadphoneX virtual surround sound technology. There is less depth here, which is owing in part to the touchpad material.

In Conclusion

To begin, the Corsair HS35 is a very appealing headset. The delicate combination of matte and high-shine gloss coatings, as well as the modest, metallic Corsair branding on each earcup, are our favorites. No cost has been spared when it comes to the contact pads, including luxurious-feeling memory foam cushioning that will keep you going for hours. Furthermore, the control arrangement is flawless.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.