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If your kid loves Minecraft then we have some best Minecraft gifts for kids that you can purchase on their birthday. We know choosing the right gift can be quite time-consuming because sometimes things get a bit challenging so we decided to put together this list.

You may be confused about what to get for your kids on the upcoming birthday that they actually like. However, we have decided to help you and all those parents who want to gift something unique to their kids. 

After doing some research we noticed some of the best Minecraft gifts for kids that will bring a cute smile to their faces. We know you must be excited therefore, we won’t keep you waiting anymore. Let’s cut the chitchat and jump straight to our list of recommended items that can make excellent gifts. 

1. UNO Minecraft Version

UNO Minecraft Version

The first option on our list of the best Minecraft gifts for kids is the Mattel games Uno Minecraft card game. Apart from video games, card and board games are a great way to bring family members together and spend quality time. 

If your kid is a Minecraft fan then he or she will surely enjoy playing this game. The set features multicolored cards that are durable and won’t lose their quality even after months. 

The game is quite easy to play because it is exactly the same as UNO but it has Minecraft characters. Apart from that, there is a unique and special creeper rule card that makes it different from UNO. 

If any of the playing members draw the special creeper rule card other players will have to draw three more cards from the pile. Apart from that, it is an excellent way to engage your children in a fun and healthy activity with no side effects such as stressing their eyes. 


  • Highly affordable 
  • Easy to play 
  • Durable set
  • Can engage multiple family members at the same time.


2. Lego Minecraft Redstone Battle

Lego Minecraft Redstone Battle

If your little one is creative and a Minecraft lover then this Lego Minecraft Redstone Battle is a perfect gift option. This set features about 504 pieces of blocks that come in different shapes. It allows your kid to make his own Minecraft world with creativity.

Building structures with Lego’s is one of the most enjoyable and safe activities for kids and also grown ups, there is no limits on what you can build. It would be interesting to replicate your Minecraft builds but this time one real life. Check out our list on the best Minecraft Castles in case you want some ideas.

The best thing is that these blocks are easy to attach and remove and your kid will love playing with them. It will let your little one enjoy the same game in the real-world because the package includes 4 characters from the game. Also, Lego also has been proven to have many benefits for kids.

In addition to this, there is also a giant Redstone monstrosity and golem that can add excitement to the story in order to provide a full Minecraft experience, the manufacturer has done a splendid job. 

They have added almost all weapons that you can find in-game to this set. With so many blocks pieces, the possibilities are just endless. Your kid can play with it for hours creating different things either alone or with siblings. 


  • Sufficient pieces to make your own Minecraft world
  • Comes with 4 characters from the game
  • All pieces are durable and will last for a longer duration


  • The pieces can get lost easily

3. Minecoin Giftcards

Minecoin Giftcards

In-game currency can make the game even more fun. It is because your kid can use that currency to achieve certain goals in the game without having to wait. If you want to make your kid happy and remind him or her how much you care then the Minecraft mine coins can be a perfect option. 

It is an in-game currency voucher that is mainly available for x-box but can work on other platforms as well. The card contains a secret number that can be used to redeem about 1720 coins in the game. 

Your kid can use these coins to get some cool skins, textures, maps, and other in-game purchasable items. Apart from that, there are several other items in the store that appears every week. Using the mine coins, your kid can have access to all those items. 

Check out our post in what are minecoins in case you still have more questions.


  • Works with different platforms
  • Affordable gift option
  • It Will definitely make your kid happy
  • Also best for adults


4. Minecraft Creeper Light Up Figure

Minecraft Creeper Light Up Figure

Are you looking for a great table light for your kid’s room? What else can be cooler than a Minecraft paladone zombie glowing right on your kid’s table? If it is your little one’s birthday and you want to gift them something unique then this can be a perfect choice. 

It is basically a table lamp that glows and provides illumination during the night. It features an excellent design that will enhance the beauty of your kid’s room. The light features a high-quality plastic design that is recyclable after using it for years. 

Also, it is environment friendly which is another plus point of this table light. Moreover, the structure of the light is quite durable and will easily last for a prolonged duration. When it comes to the quality of the light, it isn’t too bright which is perfect for a night light. 

It will ensure a decent sleeping environment in your kid’s room. Apart from that, this light isn’t only limited to kids only because it can work surprisingly well for adults too. 


  • A perfect gift option
  • Enhances the beauty of the room
  • Can be a perfect night light 
  • Adequate warmth of the light makes it good for the eyes
  • Consist of recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic


  • It isn’t very bright which limits its capabilities 

5. Minecraft Stickers

Minecraft Stickers

If your kid is a die-hard fan of Minecraft then we have another perfect gift for Minecraft-loving kids. During our research, we found these amazing Minecraft stickers that possess almost everything from the game. 

Your kid will surely love it as he or she receives it. These stickers will help your kid to decorate the diary, book, room wall, gaming desk, backpack or laptop. Talking about laptops, if you are thinking on upgrading your current kids set up you can check out our list on the best laptop for Minecraft, then add this stickers to it! We have selected these stickers due to their high quality. 

It is actually a complete set based on 4 pages in total. Each page contains different items, weapons, tools, and characters from the game. It will make your kid feel as if they are living in a real Minecraft world. 

Due to their high quality and endless decorating possibilities, they are not only limited to kids. These stickers are actually perfect for adults too because they can use them in thousands of different ways. 

However, it won’t be a great idea to make it a birthday gift because your kid may expect a bit more than just stickers. You can give it to them directly without any special occasions and it will help to remind them how much you care about them. 


  • Comes in 4 pages containing a lot of stickers
  • Decent quality and sticks to things firmly 
  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent for decorating rooms and gaming setups


  • Lacks Alex and Steeve characters

6. Minecraft Backpack

Minecraft Backpack

Looking for the best backpack for your kid? want to help your kid keep everything in an organized way? If yes, then we have a perfect option for you on our list. During our research, we noticed that this backpack can make an excellent gift. 

It is highly durable and will last for an extended duration. Apart from that, the bag features a fantastic blue color that gives a splendid look. It possesses two side pockets that allow your kid to carry a water bottle with him. 

In addition to this, there is a big front pocket which can be used for storing stationery and lunch boxes. While the major pocket is used for storing books, notebooks, and notepads, etc. The straps of the bag are of the highest quality. 

They are super comfortable due to their well-padded structure. Apart from that, the bag has some really durable zippers that will keep all the pockets closed and secured. 


  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Reliable for long term usage
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comes with a water bottle pocket 
  • Smooth zippers


7. Minecraft T-shirt

Minecraft T-shirt

If you want your kid to look cool in his or her friends then this T-shirt might come in handy. It features a full black design with Minecraft items and characters printed on it. These items make it purely for Minecraft lovers. 

Apart from that, the shirt consists of 100% cotton which is flexible and comfortable to wear. In addition to this, the cotton-based design of the shirt makes it suitable for both hotter and colder areas. 

Having that said, it doesn’t mean that the shirt alone will fight cold but it allows wearing jackets, etc comfortably. The round neck of the shirt makes it surprisingly easy to wear without any issue. 

Unlike shirts with buttons, you won’t have to worry about anything at all. It is available at a very handy price which makes it highly affordable and suitable for everyone. This will surely make your kid happy if he or she is fond of the game. 


  • Cotton based design
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable for all weathers
  • Affordable t-shirt


  • Size selection can be an issue sometimes

8. Steve Classic Minecraft Costume

Steve Classic Minecraft Costume

If your kid has a function at school or having a Mincecraft theme party and you need a costume then this Classic Steve Minecraft Costume can be a great option, steve is one of the most famous minecraft characters. This costume features a high-quality mask and excellent quality shirt that tends to last for longer. 

This amazing Minecraft costume is available in three different sizes i.e. small, medium, and large. The best thing about this costume is that it consists of 100% polyester which is excellent. It helps to make the costume comfortable even for a long time wearing. 

The polyester design is lightweight which is another plus point. However, you need to keep in mind that the costume along with toy weapons will cost a bit higher. There is three different choices. You can either select the costume alone or buy it with a sword or pickaxe. 

It will surely make not only an excellent gift but will give a unique look to your kid during the function. 


  • Durable design 
  • Lightweight and comfortable costume
  • Easy to clean 
  • Unique look 


  • The mask is a bit hard to see through 

9. Minecraft Sleepover Set

Minecraft Sleepover Set

Another option on our list of the best Minecraft gifts for kids is the sleepover set. It is a complete sleepover set that includes a pillow, eye mask and a quilt. However, you should keep in mind that it isn’t a regular sleepover set because you’ll find Minecraft characters and items printed all over the items. 

Apart from that beautiful design of the set everything is very well stitched. This helps to increase the overall lifespan of the set and makes it a long-lasting one. If your kid is a huge fan of the game then this will surely make him happy. 

Another reason due to which we are recommending this sleepover set is its easy-to-clean design. Whenever it gets dirty you can easily clean it in a washing machine without any issue. However, please keep in mind that using strong chemicals and detergents will ruin the quality. 

The pillow is quite comfortable and consists of breathable fabric. It helps to provide ultimate comfort throughout the night without making your kid feel uncomfortable even for a second. Besides that, the quilt is lightweight but warm and will help your kiddo to get a full night of quality sleep. 


  • Easy to set
  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable pillow and quilt
  • Surprisingly well stitched 


10. Minecraft Redstone Torch LED Lamp

Minecraft Redstone Torch LED Lamp

For the last item of the best minecraft gifts for kids we want to show you one more lamp. this Redstone Torch 12.6 Inch LED Lamp is not just a lamp since it’s rechargeable and versatile you can use it in different places like a bedroom, gaming room, night light, can be mounted into a wall or even as part of a Minecraft costume!

This lamp is an authentic replica of the Restone Torch found in the game. The battery lasts up to 8 hours and it can be charged via USB cable, so it’s really easy to use. It does take 3.5 hours to charge but you can just let it charge during the day as you probably won’t use it on daylight lol

As mentioned, you can use it to decor different areas in your house, which is why the torch is built with a foldable corner to reveal a couple of mounting slots to make it easier to hang. So this led lamp comes in handy when reading, playing or just as night light. 


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 8 hours of light with a single charge
  • Versatile use (decoration or part of costume)
  • Exact replicate from a Minecraft Redstone torch


  • Takes 3.5 hours to charge

Final Words

Selecting the right gift for kids can be quite challenging sometimes. However, not anymore because we have already done the necessary research for you. After analyzing different available products on the market we have selected only the best Minecraft gifts for kids

You can select anyone from the list and we assure you that your kid will love it. Apart from that, some of these gift items are quite versatile and aren’t only limited to kids but to adults as well. With that said, we hope you may have selected the right gift for your kid’s upcoming birthday now. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, if there is anything you want us to include in this list please let us know in the comments. Our goal is to make this article as helpful as we can.

You can also improve your kids Minecraft gaming set up, if you are interested on that make sure to check out our reviews on the Best Gaming Monitors for Minecraft and Best Wireless Headphones for Minecraft. We are sure that whatever you pick from those lists our from this article your kids will love it.