15 Best Cricket Games for Android

best cricket games for android

Cricket is one of the favorite and most playing games. However, most people don’t have much time to play cricket outdoor. Smartphones provide you with a platform where you can easily play your favorite game. I’m about to share with you the world’s best free cricket games for Android phones with realistic best graphics and detailed control over your player.

In this busy world, everyone wants to have fun, some rest, and adventure. Under such circumstances, to relax, the best thing you can do is play games. So far, playing a game is the best solution to relax after a hard time in studies and the workplace. But during a challenging routine, I don’t have much time to go out and play games. Now, with this ever-growing trend of smartphones, people feel more effortless playing games on smartphones.

Have a look at these 15 cool cricket games that you can also download directly from your play store.

15 Best Cricket Games for Android

1) World Cricket championship 2

This game was released on July 28, 2015, and is still top on the play store and doesn’t need any introduction. It has impressive HD graphics. This game has 40 plus camera angles and two different batting controls (classic and pro). You can edit player names and their roles. It has 50 million-plus downloading and 4.3 stars on the play store.

Moreover, This game won many awards, like the game of the year people’s choice award in 2015. It has three medals in line for best matches and has the recognition of the most social game of 2017. This game is one of the best cricket games for Android. However, this game has stick rules and regulations. Download the game and enjoy it where you want and whenever you want.

2) Epic Cricket – Realistic Cricket Simulator

Epic Cricket is one of the best 3d cricket games for android. The features and animation of this game are imposing. The graphics of this game blow your mind. The team behind this game has established a realistic vision that will leave an impressive mark on the player’s senses.

The features of this game are exciting. Here are some of them:

  1. You can play as real-life international players.
  2. This game has live commentary of the entire match. Almost all major international teams.
  3. It has modern batting and bowling styles, from reverse shot to helicopter shot.
  4. While playing this game, you feel like playing in natural it has such realistic quality.
  5. Over 10million people download this game.
  6. This game respects your privacy and does not share any of your personal information.

Download this game from the play store and enjoy this realistic game. Be the player of your dream team.

3) Smashing Cricket Game (Best Graphics Cricket Game for Android)

A cricket game like none other. This game has impressive and mind-blowing 3D and realistic graphics. In this game, you can play a variety of shots. So far, this is the best game because you can play it without an internet connection, but with the internet, you may progress faster by watching rewarded ads. Here is the list of features that make you addicted to this game.

  1. It has a single-player mode. Make high scores and win medals.
  2. The most fantastic part of this game is you can watch all your shots in super slow motion.
  3. It has many camera angles you can replay from any camera angle.
  4. This game has a tournament, championship, and world cup cricket.
  5. Chose your home country from the 30 plus list of playing nations.
  6. The control buttons of this game are straightforward.
  7. You can play it with one hand.
  8. You can also play this game with your friends, challenge them to beat your score, and share your star on Facebook with your friends.
  9. It has a backup feature that means your progress will not be lost if you change the device.

Have you ever heard about addictive games? This is one of them. So download the game and take your cricket passion to the next level.

4) T20 Cricket Champions 3D

This game is one of the best cricket games. If you are a cricket lover and love to play cricket, this game gives you the platform only in 71 MBS. The graphics are very excellent. It has powerful 3D animations. Ten million-plus people downloaded the game and loving it. This game is an addiction for cricket lovers.

Moreover, This game is entirely free to download and play. However, some of the items can be purchased with real money within the game. Participate in live events and win amazing rewards. The most fantastic thing about this game is that it is also optimized for tablet devices. This game is very comfortable for playing.

Look at the features:

  1. Easy play control
  2. Exciting matches and tournament
  3. Full 3D animations and graphics
  4. Rewarding events mode
  5. Matchup with world cup teams

Download the game and be the player of your dream.

5) Real Cricket ™ 20

This game provides an emotional experience for cricket lovers. More than 10 million people experience this game and loved the graphics and 3D animation. People rated this game with 4.2 stars. This game has a different feature. Here are some of them:

  1. It provides male and female commentators in various languages.
  2. You can also be a part of an epic battle from cricket history and finish the chases in your way.
  3. You can play 1P vs. 1P and 2P vs. 2P. Team up with your friends and play the game.
  4. You can save and share your highlights with your friends.
  5. Choose between morning and night and experience different times as the match progress.

This game does not need any introduction. This game provides you other places to play around the world, from Cape Town to Kolkata. It has a good range of tournaments to choose from and play, including the world cup Asia cup, under 19 world cup, and master cup. You can also play a test match. Download this game on your smartphone and experience the variety of shots.

6) World Cricket Championship Lt

Over 60 million downloaded the game because the specialty of this game is that it takes only 50 MB of your device space. This game provides you three tournaments (world cricket championship, world premier league, and super fantasy cricket league). Play with your friends and make new friends at the shout board. Download the game and experience amazing graphics, and play anytime you want.

7) Cricket T20 Fever 3D

It lets you play in tournaments or one-off ODI or t20 form and size. It has good-looking good giving clear, complete picture and good music behind. It is an as-in authentic living, working sort of jumping insect play activity. This game is specially designed for the T20 cricket series. The background music is pretty good and has excellent graphics. This game is entertaining for cricket lovers. The best thing is you can set your position on pitch according to your comfort. Download the game and enjoy unique features and colorful 3D animation.

8) Big Bash Cricket

Some girls love to play cricket. This game is especially for women—the first time on mobile men’s and women’s cricket. You are a girl and love to play cricket; this game is for you. You can play BBL or WBBL club in their home stadium. This game is bigger and better than ever before. You will love the graphics and different modes of the game. Choose between a quick play and a season. Enjoy the realistic animation.

Moreover, This game kills your cricket appetite. Celebrate your win with your friends and win amazing rewards. It is the best cricket game that you can have outside the ground. Subscribe to the game to get free unlimited access, no ads, and unlock all hits impact. This game is a little hard to play, so it will take some time for your hand to fit on it. Download the game and have your stadium on your smartphone.

9) ICC Pro Cricket (Best IPL Cricket Game for Android)

This Android was given out in 2015, and in this less time, it has more than 5 million users. So from this point, it is clear that this ready, without fear, got of significant mass, size condition of having general approval in no time because of it, its all about getting worked up features. ICC Pro 2 sort of jumping insect is the first-ever ready, without fear with accurate simulation three and card business managers. This willing, without fear, has three simple, not complicated forms. ICC sort of jumping insect world cup competition, earth journey most frequent number and quick match most frequent number.

10) Stick Cricket Premier League

If you are a cricket lover as well as a game lover. Then this game is for you. You cannot go outside to play cricket in this lockdown, and then this game is for you. Just sit on your couch and experience the premier league on your android phone. You can travel the world from this game.

You can play it anywhere or any time whit or without the internet. This is the best 3D visual game that brings you to the other level of gamming.

Let’s talk about the features of this game. It is a 3D game. Which one player will play at a time, and you can enjoy the whole game. You can win medals by creating a high score.

First, you have to choose a captain for your team. That will helps you to fight against the world’s best bowlers.

You can customize your player before taking guard against the world’s best bowlers. In this game, you can build your team and enjoyed a team-up match. In this game, you can create a star player. Star players are more likely to clear the rope while signing a miserly Star Bowler will ensure the targets you chase aren’t as demanding. Choose from more than 50-star players to blower our squad. Star Batsman is more likely to clear the rope, While a miserly Star Blower will ensure the targets you chase.

If your squad requires some experience in this game, You can coax an ex-player out of retirement on a short-term deal.

Alternatively, try to confound the pundits by winning the league with a team of rookies. The choice is up to you.

In this game, you can hire a batting coach. Who will help your created captain slogging it like a star or reduce the runs your team concedes with the expert guidance of a bowling coach.

By playing this game, you can travel around the world. For traveling, you must have good skills to play, and you can travel from Indian to Australia. In this game, you can establish a dynasty by becoming a force in the Premier League. You have five seasons to establish your teams as a force.

You can enhance your six appeals; each league provides cash bonuses for every six you smash, as well as stumping up an appearance fee.

So what are you waiting for now? I can understand by knowing the features of this game. You are super excited to play this game. Yeah, I can imagine the level of your excitement. So it is elementary to enjoy the world’s best game.

Just go and download it to experience the best cricket game in the world. It’s effortless to use, and the design is also unique and different from the other games.

11) World Cricket Championship 3-WCC3

For cricket lovers, this is the best play game. This is the winner of Google best of 2024. WCC3 is a realistic mobile cricket game whit cutting-edge gameplay features.

Now let’s talk about the features of this game.

  1. It has hundreds of brand new full-motion captures. Dynamic AI that scales according to your skills.
  2. You can play over 400 matches. And enjoy stunning visual cut scenes that convey your story contextually at every stage.
  3. You can manage your players and team according to your choice. Customize your play style with multiple cameras and control options.

12) World Cricket Championship

If you want the best quality android game in fewer MBs. Then this game is for you. This game only uses 60MB. It is a lite mobile cricket championship.

Now talk about the features of this game.

  1. You can enjoy this game in 9 different languages.
  2. It has real-time batting Multiplayer. A quick play that gets your daily fix cricket in WCC Lite.
  3. You can enjoy Tournaments in this game.
  4. You can experience the international premier leagues of India, Pakistan, and Australia.
  5. It has mini-games, test matches, spins the wheel, playing XI, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Just download now and experience Heavy cricket, size light?

13) World Cricket Game

Experience live and real cricket by playing this game. This game is best for android mobiles. In this game, you can have an accurate cricket match feel with the 3D design of this game. Let’s discuss some more features of it:

  1. In this game, you can create your team and play.
  2. A very user-friendly game that everyone can play anywhere.
  3. You can play it with interest or without the internet

14) Real Cricket Test Match (Best Test Cricket Game)

Are you a cricket lover and want to experience the best game of cricket?

This is the best game for android users. It has many functions like you can select your team make a coach of your team. You can play as a team, or you can play single it depends on you. The graphics of this game is so good, and you can feel the stadium on your couch.

15) Stick Cricket Super League

It is the best super league game ever. You can take complete control of your mobile cricket career and your t20 cricket team.

In this game, you can choose players from different teams. Cities from over the world are competing in the Stick cricket league. Move over IPL and Big bash… no other T20 league or cricket games compare. Take your favorite cricket team to the top of the truly unlimited world cricket championship. Bolster your squad whit some genuine real cricket star firepower.

Select your first XI, win the toss, decide which of your players bats and bowls. You will have complete control over the captaincy decision. You are the ultimate cricket megastar.

You can track your career by this game. In the game career and seasons, states will show your progress. Earn the trophies and accolades. Become the best of the game.

These are the best cricket games for Android. Our team highly searched on the topic, and we hope we did not miss any of them. Just in case we missed the comment below and let us know which game you like the most. Like and share this with your friends.

Final Words

Hope you’ve liked the list I’ve listed for the top best cricket games for Android. If you are willing to play any of them then you can download these games directly from the Google play store. If you’ve any questions related to your query you can contact us! #HappyCricket

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