Battlefield 2042’s standard edition will now let you play across both generations •

‘Dual entitlement’ coming to both of those PlayStation and Xbox. 

EA has simplified its various choices of Battlefield 2042 when it launches on November 19th, with common electronic versions of the video game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Sequence S and X now giving ‘dual entitlement’ which opens up variations for each generations of hardware.

It appears a fairer way of executing issues than the unique proposition, which locked cross-gen behind much more highly-priced editions of Battlefield 2042 – however given the wording of EA’s announcement, it does appear you are going to even now have to fork out the £10 premium associated with upcoming-gen versions if you want ‘dual entitlement’.

The news arrives on the eve of Battlefield 2042’s open beta, which goes stay tomorrow and operates through to October 9th.