Battlefield 2042 tech trailer shows off DLSS, ray tracing, and a choppy chopper sequence

DICE has produced a new Battlefield 2042 tech trailer showing off the Personal computer-unique pretties that will be coming to these of you with higher-finish Nvidia cards. The video game will assist Nvidia DLSS, Nvidia Reflex and ray tracing, and as you can see from about 30 seconds into the trailer accompanies these with what search like sizeable frame dips.

Bit odd. This could just be down to how the footage was captured or any manner of other explanations, but examine out the helicopter sequence that starts about 34 seconds in. You can find a hell of a whole lot likely on, to be absolutely sure, but the overall performance here can only be described as choppy. Maybe they failed to turn the DLSS on?

Yet another element is that the release bumpf mentions only “ray-traced ambient occlusion,”  which accurately provides shadows where points occlude light. But this is only one of several probable RTX attributes: in fact, Battlefield V’s comprehensive RTX help noticed it viewed as something of the golden baby in this location.

Battlefield 2042 not too long ago experienced a beta time period, and although our Morgan located it tough all over the edges he also discovered it reminded him of why he cherished Battlefield in the 1st put. An additional early access interval begins on November 12, and the activity launches November 19.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.