7 Key Reasons WhatsApp Is A Social Media Platform

WhatsApp is a common messaging company, but it is also a social media system. That could possibly feel a bit counter-intuitive at initial. But you are going to concur with me at the time you understand how we determine social media. Let’s commence with a uncomplicated definition of a social media platform:

“A website-centered and mobile-primarily based Online Software that allows the generation, access and exchange of person-created content.

No matter if you individually agree with this definition or not, WhatsApp quickly ticks all the boxes. It strengthens our speculation that we might be onto some thing. Though WhatsApp was originally designed as a messaging provider, it generally features as a social media system these times (identical to Fb or Twitter).

Really do not just have confidence in me on that. Acquire it from the scientists that analyzed this.

In a 2011 paper in Enterprise Horizons, Kietzmann et al. propose a framework to determine social media platforms. They describe the vital creating blocks any social media platform ought to have. In accordance to the exploration paper, there are 7 functional creating blocks of social media:

  1. Identity: The extent to which users expose themselves.
  2. Discussions: The extent to which consumers communicate.
  3. Sharing: The extent to which end users exchange, distribute and acquire content.
  4. Presence: The extent to which consumers know if others are accessible.
  5. Relationships: The extent to which people relate to every single other.
  6. Name: The extent to which users know the social standing of some others and content.
  7. Groups: The extent to which buyers have the potential to kind communities.


Let’s try to apply these seven setting up blocks to WhatsApp. If we glimpse at it, they fit the preferred messaging platform like a glove. Down below, I’ll explore just about every attribute individually to assist you realize. Let me know if you agree!


1. WhatsApp Buyers Can Reveal Their Id

Even though privateness on WhatsApp is a scorching subject matter these times, the ability to expose your identification is at the heart of social media. Just put, consumers must be ready to share information and facts about on their own:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Instruction
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies


Id addresses all the simple data about who you are as a human being. Whilst a platform like Facebook can go definitely considerably with this (they will even give end users the possibility to reveal their entire family tree), WhatsApp is a bit extra moderate.

The app delivers users with the means to share their profile picture, title, and existing standing. Users connect with a mobile mobile phone variety, so that’s not specifically personal both. It is fairly revealing, but nothing at all ridiculous.


2. WhatsApp Is Develop For Conversations

The one particular characteristic in which WhatsApp rises earlier mentioned the competitors is absolutely discussions. End users have the potential to have in-depth non-public conversations through texting or contacting. They can also have public discussions in a team environment.

Whereas most social platforms will shove in-application advertisements down user’s throats, texting or contacting through WhatsApp is completely totally free and with out advertising. This occasionally raises concerns about privacy on WhatsApp, but monetization is retained fully out of the eye of the user.

Talking with text or voice is undoubtedly a crucial factor of ‘being social’. WhatsApp unquestionably excels below. It goes above and outside of the competitiveness.


3. Sharing Is Easy On WhatsApp

Remember when we applied to mail data files through e-mail? Me neither. WhatsApp will make that aged-fashioned things redundant. It tends to make it so considerably easier to share a picture, movie, or website link to a webpage with other men and women.

Sharing media tends to be far better on WhatsApp when compared to other social media platforms:

  • WhatsApp makes it possible for customers to ‘target’ who to share media with
  • There is no incentive to get showered with likes, but sharing media will generally initiate a further dialogue (even in team chats)
  • Compression of illustrations or photos and video clips on WhatsApp can make it less difficult to share huge files
  • You can share media as a result of textual content with another person you are in a voice chat with


4. WhatsApp Publicly Reveals User Presence

User presence or availability has everything to do with “showing who is online”. WhatsApp does this all the time: you can see when users were previous seen on the net at all instances. Other than when that person has intentionally concealed the final noticed on the web position for privacy causes.

But WhatsApp goes beyond this now. They’ve hopped on the trend of Instagram tales and Twitter fleets with the ‘WhatsApp Status‘. Consumers can now quickly share what they’ve been up to with all their contacts.

These statuses only present for 24 hours at a time, so they are meant to be short term. Presence in this way initiates even further communication, devoid of possessing to go into your chat display to watch when somebody was past on the net, which is uncomplicated to conceal even on WhatsApp Internet.


5. WhatsApp Puts Social Interactions Initial

Just one-on-one particular messaging is a quite individual expertise concerning two folks. It will make it simple to keep social relationships, or even form entirely new ones. This is the very main of what social media was supposed to be.

While the traditional platforms incentivize passive engagement, a messaging assistance commonly requires energetic participation. If you want to keep in the loop, you have to socialize with people today.

Not like offering meaningless likes, hearts, or very similar programs, the act of speaking is exactly where social media thrives. It may well not particularly be the matter most persons accept as “social media”, but it genuinely does not get a lot more social than that.


6. ‘WhatsApp Status’ Pushes User Reputation

Constructing standing is almost certainly the 1 social media building block exactly where WhatsApp is ‘lacking’. And yet, one could argue that sharing of 24-hour statuses is a type of pushing consumer reputation. It’s a process of ‘showing off your social status’ to your friends and family members.

Consumer track record is a tricky metric, due to the fact it can be interpreted in numerous unique techniques. Effectively, this element is related to the ability to variety a social hierarchy. It is most likely the most seen in bigger WhatsApp teams, in which you have people today that take on specified social roles:

  • Admins or owners
  • Moderators
  • Contributors


Admittedly, WhatsApp does not demonstrate how lots of contacts you have on your cellular phone. It doesn’t allow others know about the selection of likes you got on your momentary position article. Driving engagement is not definitely a point on WhatsApp. It’s a whole lot extra private than other social platforms.


7. WhatsApp Teams Are Actual Communities

This overview has not definitely touched upon WhatsApp group chats a total good deal. But that does not suggest that they’re important to the good results of the social platform. The app lets buyers to make their have team and invite any range of users (up to a maximum of 256 contributors).

Groups have their very own identity: they can have personalized names and a customized profile photo. The owner of the group has the capacity to assign roles to certain contributors, despite the fact that this is a rather restricted aspect.

At the time a consumer is inside of a single of these communities, communities are formed. This can be centered on any quantity of subjects. From admirers of a precise canine breed, to local criminal offense avoidance application teams. But it can also be a smaller team of household associates that like to share photographs of their little ones.

The downside of communities on WhatsApp is obvious. Obtaining these teams is quite hard, except you get invited by other people. Groups are mainly invite-only, which diminishes the community effect of the team. Look at this to Facebook, where by you can utilize for an invite to a shut group. No matter of this, communities are a main element of what tends to make WhatsApp a actual social media platform.

What do you believe about WhatsApp? Can it be considered a social media system, or should really it be classified as a messaging app?

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.