5 Best Websites for Gaming Reviews

Video Games, especially on PC and console are becoming an expensive taste. Especially with new game releases already in the 70$ zone – taken with the sheer number, quality and variety of games; the decision whether or not to purchase a new game release is not the easiest one to make – and to this come a lot of quality gaming websites and YT channels who put out unbiased and quality reviews – to help gamers make up their minds. Let’s look at some of the very best.

1. IGN

Think of video games – and it is unlikely that IGN will not come to your mind very early on – and there is a good reason for that. The website leads in terms of guides, news – and it is no wonder that it is the leading and trusted source for reviews as well.

The expert reviewers at IGN dissect a game from all points of view and gameplay; and finally put out a score – and this is both in an article and video form. Very often, this is the first thing gamers read or watch when seeking an expert opinion on a new game release.

2. GamingBolt

Source: youtube.com

A website that has reviews of a significantly high quality – it highlights all details of the game – be it setting, gameplay, combat, world-building, even music, voice acting, character animations – everything that is worth mentioning gets mentioned. It is no surprise that the website is also part of MetaCritic for game reviews.

3. GamesHorizon

GamesHorizon, which is fast building up a reputation as the preferred website for a lot of gamers to catch the latest on news and also for useful and crisp guides on a variety of games – is also catching up rapidly on game reviews – a lot of gaming community considers GamesHorizon as the best game reviews website – especially for indie and low budget games that often get missed out or ignored by the biggies.

True gamers and the community at large is known to have a soft spot for these games – and hence a website dedicating a large part of its coverage to these games is something that gains the respect of this set- and rightfully so.

4. SkillUp

Source: skill-up.org

A YouTube channel that does detailed 30 mins + videos on select games and hence provides a level of coverage and review that is as nuanced as it can get – and topped up with engaging voice over and commentary – if you have the time for it – this is one of the most popular and unbiased voices when it comes to gaming reviews. The final summary is also a clear one – whether the game is recommended or not recommended – giving a decisive guidance to gamers.

5. Gameranx

Source: thegadgetflow.com

The YouTube channel for Gameranx features a gaming review with the extremely catchy and super relevant title “Before you buy” – and that itself is a great reason for the channel to feature here in this list. Add the fact that the reviews are engaging, well informed and help gamers arrive at a decision – only makes this one of the best game review channels on the web.