How To Become A Popular Gamer On YouTube? 5 Proven Ways For 2024

Games and everything related to them is one of the most popular categories on YouTube. Millions of people visit the video hosting site every day to watch videos or streams of their favorite authors. The competition is growing every day, and if you have long wanted to create a gaming channel and become famous in the media sphere, now is the time to do it.

Gaming is a competitive niche on the platform. Authors such as PewDiePie, MumboJumbo and Dan TD dominate the hosting, are among the best gamers and collect millions of likes under the video. And this is only a small part of the channels with which you will have to compete. That makes it difficult for new creators to stand out, let alone go viral. But this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve success on the platform. You will have to make an effort, spend time and even budget to get subs from companies such as Viplikes for a quick start. But these efforts will be for the good. In this article, we will talk about creating a competitive channel and the best ways to grow your account.

Before proceeding to create an account, select the niche you want to occupy. Decide which game will prevail, what your videos will be about (entertaining or educational), and what audience you want to attract. This is necessary for further qualitative promotion, so we do not recommend skipping this step. Based on this data, you will plan the release of new videos, upload content at the right time and use current promotion methods.

The channel design should be unique and stand out from others. First of all, decide on the name of the channel. You can use your first name, last name or pseudonym by which you are known in the gaming environment. Avoid using hyphens, spaces, and dots. Do not use double letters and their incomprehensible combinations. Your nickname should be readable and clear.

Choose a suitable portrait or a bright logo for the avatar. The main photo on the channel is the face of you as a gamer. Label your activity to attract as many interested viewers as possible. For example, you can set a successful portrait with gaming large headphones.

Don’t forget to install the banner. This is the picture that is at the top of the page. As a banner, we advise you to use a monochrome background or gradient. If you like a brighter design, you can use the screensaver of one of your videos or develop a unique design based on your favorite game.

So, you have chosen a niche and created a channel. But how to attract thousands and millions of viewers?

The best ways in 2024


Using paid services. Few people know about this, but the authors of many gaming channels contact promotion companies like Soclikes to create a competitive and solid page. The first impression of your account should be positive, so you need to take care of creating a follower base at the beginning of the journey. Organic methods do not give such quick and great results as the use of paid services. By making a purchase, you not only become more successful in the eyes of people, but also increase activity on the page (if you bought accounts of real people). How does it work? The company offers a monetary reward or a nice bonus for task performers. That is, you get not just a pleasant number of viewers, but attention from real people.

Before making a purchase, we advise you to study the information on the website and read the reviews of previous customers to make sure that the service is honest. Don’t want to be distracted from your favorite games and waste time? Well, just click on the link above and get a guaranteed result.

Collaborate with other game creators. Direct advertising has ceased to be effective and now native advertising is at the peak of popularity, which looks organic and can attract much more viewers than regular ads. The best solution is to write with an offer of cooperation to several authors who have recently started their career, but already have several hundred or thousands of subscribers. Do not choose a direct competitor as a partner, otherwise cooperation can become fatal. Share your audience with those bloggers who shoot let’s plays of other games or comment on them. In this case, the collaboration will be successful for both of you.

Cross-promotion. Approximately 90% of active Internet users have accounts in several social networks at once. For you, as a content creator, this is a great opportunity to use traffic from other resources to increase the number of followers on Youtube. The video format is available on most sites, you can post a short clip from a large video on Instagram Reels or TikTok. If you have a loyal audience and have built a trusting relationship with them, then it will not be difficult for you to interest viewers in new content formats.


Youtube Shorts. Do you stream and want to capture the brightest moments? Short clips will help you with this and at the same time make your channel more visible. Upload several Shorts a week to attract more viewers through a new way of presenting content. According to statistics, people are much more likely to watch short videos than long ones. They are used to receiving information quickly and simply, so use this format as one of the ways to promote.

Active chats about games. If you are a big fan of computer games, then you probably belong to several chats that are dedicated to this topic. This is not only a good opportunity to find like-minded people, but also a chance to find new viewers among gamers. Send out messages asking you to rate the content and attach a few videos and a link to the channel. Try it right now!