Your Jelly Farming Adventure Begins Today in Alchemic Cutie


  • Alchemic Cutie functions a full island ready to investigate, full of new Jellies, items, and quests.
  • Befriend a village of goofy, entertaining, and occasionally challenging characters.
  • Interact in Jelly boosting and alchemy systems for you to learn.

Good day! I’d like to convey to you far more about Alchemic Cutie, a comforting experience RPG set on colorful Wimba Island. Though taming wild jellies, you are going to fulfill villagers, enter jelly competitions, and uncover the tricks of the island. Oh, and it is offered these days for Xbox A single and Xbox Sequence X|S!

Alchemic Cutie

Each individual jelly has uniquely created stats, features, and about 4,000 visible kinds. You can tame, breed, and increase the ideal jelly companions, competing in heated jelly competitions for the leading prize. And to truly increase your jelly’s talents, use alchemy to make distinctive merchandise with strong affects or morph things into a thing unusual and impressive. All the though mingling with the island’s inhabitants to sort long lasting friendships and rivalries.

Alchemic Cutie

There is so substantially things to do all around Wimba Island and you are going to delight in the gorgeous sights and calm forests for a even though, so make you at property. With more than 150 quests, exclusive aspect quests for distinct NPCs, jelly deliveries and even some weekly merchandise shipping quests. So, get comfy, seize some snacks and get completely ready to bond with Yvette through Wimba Island’s numerous adventures! Oh, you will also be geared up with a Codex, y’know, to hold monitor of every thing! The Codex will be one of your greatest travelling tools, storing facts from your adventures and the merchandise you uncover in the course of them. With the codex you can constantly take a search at anything you have identified and all its related data. You’ll also be conscious of anything you are missing out on, so give it a look from time to time.

Alchemic Cutie

So, what are you waiting around for?! Your Jelly experience commences currently in Alchemic Cutie on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox 1! Observe together with us at PM Studios on Twitter and YouTube as well.

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Alchemic Cutie

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Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome comforting RPG established on colourful Wimba Island. Even though taming wild jellies, you’ll meet up with villagers, enter jelly compeitions and uncover the insider secrets of the island.&#13
Wimba Island is a massive location with loads to do. From discovering magic formula destinations to discovering new Jellies scattered all above the island. As the seasons adjust, so does the island with new spots, diverse Jellies and objects showing up.&#13
Enjoy an engaging Jelly increasing process, in which every single Jelly has uniquely produced stats, qualities and above 4000 visible models. You will be in a position to tame, breed, and raise the best jelly companion and consider it with you on adventures.&#13
Befriend a village of goofy, exciting, and occasionally challenging figures. Assist them by finishing quests or just hang out, mingle and get to know them. Who knows…maybe some might be hiding something…&#13
With the use of your flute and a little bit of alchemy, you will achieve the potential to produce exclusive things with effective outcomes. Or even morph distinctive goods into a thing unusual and strong.&#13
With your proudly lifted Jellies choose element in thrilling competitions towards other villagers for the likelihood of profitable medals.&#13
A complete island completely ready to check out that modifications with the seasons&#13
About 4000 feasible Jellies with plenty of objects to locate and quests to do&#13
Befriend a village of adorable, odd and wholesome figures&#13
Participating Jelly increasing and alchemy devices for you to master&#13
Entertaining jelly competitions to acquire medals