wondershare helper compact – Is it Safe? [WSHelper.exe]

Do you want to know the wondershare helper compact? Then follow the article below.

What is Wondershare helper compact?

Wondershare Helper Compact executable file which is also known as WSHelper.exe file. These files are developed by Windows Software Developer for the Windows OS.

The Wondershare Helper Compact.exe which is also known as Wondershare Studio. It is owned by Wondershare Studio or Wondershare helper Compact or Pinnacle Studio. The purpose of Wondershare Helper Compact.exe is nothing but a video Converter. It is legal Software.

What are the Files Installed by wondershare Helper Compact?

List of Files installed by wondershare:

The WSHelper.exe is situated in a folder of “C:Program FilesCommon Files”. Check with all its subfolder.

Wondershare helper compact – is a malware?

Actually, WSHelper.exe is not needed for Windows OS because is cause problem repeatedly. Once it gets installed in your system if you check the storage capacity of that particular executable file is very big. And the program starts when the machine gets Run. The Registry key is as follow:


Which is not needed at machine run. An important point is that it is not having any visible window. It is possible to record the keyboard and mouse entries and transmit to any other software when it is connected to the Internet and monitor applications.

So the thing that even it has a valid license it is not a trusted executable file. If it is not trust-able then it is absolutely a malware.

There is possible to get installed from any other bunch of software. Recently I received this software get installed during the installation of some television APK. Then I checked my machine where wondershare hits. Then I’m shocked to know this. The hits are as follow

S.No WSHelper.exe Hit Areas
1 chrome://history/
2 C:UsersGowthamiKannanDocuments
3 C:UsersGowthamiKannanAppDataRoaming
4 C:UsersGowthamiKannanAppDataLocal
5 C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesWondershare
6 C:Program Files (x86)Common Files
7 C:Program Files (x86)
8 C:Program Data

It roamed in my personal area. Sometimes it is possible to crash or freeze CPU / GPU. That cause slow launch of other programs and fast absorption of power in your machine. Some typical sound occurs in the video card cooler.

How to Remove wshelper.exe Manually?


It can be uninstalled from your OS. Go to Program Files –>Uninstall a program–> wshelper.exe. For every Windows, it gets to differ.

Windows XP:

  • Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs.
  • The List of Programs will get displayed. Right click on the wshelper.exe and hit Remove.

Windows 7: 

  • Go to  Start –> Control Panel –> Uninstall a program.
  • In the following list of program, right click on the wshelper.exe and press Uninstall.

Windows 8/10:

  • Start –> Quick Access Menu –> Control Panel –> Uninstall a program.
  • The list Shows all the installed program. In that choose wshelper.exe and hit Uninstall.


Reset Browser Setting.

  1. Google Chrome: Go to Settings –>Press “Show advanced settings”. Here you can able to see the “Reset settings” button at the bottom of the page. Click on it.
  2. Mozilla Firefox: Here you will have the “Refresh Firefox” button in the right top corner. Click on it to make it simple.
  3. Internet Explorer: Go to Tools menu–> click “Internet options” –> click “Advanced” button in New window–> Click Reset.
  4. Opera: The is a folder named “C:Usersuser_nameAppDataRoamingOperaOpera”. Go to that folder and delete “Operapref.ini file”.

How to Remove wshelper.exe on Mac?

Like Windows on Mac, wondershare occupies a lot of disk space.

Step 1: Go to the Finder –>  Application folder –>  move Wondershare to Trash.

[Note: Only Trash process is not enough to uninstall completely. It is necessary to delete the service files manually]

Step 2: Open Library folder–> you can able to see all the service file of wonder share here. Remove it one by one.

  • Library/Application Support/Wondershare

  • Library/Application Support/Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

  • Library/Caches/com.wondershare.helper_compact

  • Library/Caches/com.Wondershare-Video-Converter-Ultimate

  • Library/Safari/Extensions/Wondershare Video Converter for Mac.safariextz

  • Library/Logs/Wondershare

  • Library/Preferences/com.Wondershare.Video-Converter-Ultimate.plist

  • Library/Preferences/com.wondershare.helper_compact.plist

  • Library/Cookies/com.Wondershare.Video-Converter-Ultimate.binarycookies

Remove all this files especially (Library/Caches/com.wondershare.helper_compact). 

This will help you to get reliefs from unnecessary notification from wondershare.

For automatic removal, there are some file removal tools are available in the market. Use one best tool to remove it.

How to prevent malware like wshelper.exe:

  • Scan your Computer frequently. Use some Antivirus to prevent your machine.
  • Do not install software from the untruest-able website. Especially free software installation.
  • During custom installation read completely and click on next button. If there any unwanted installation there then uncheck the checkbox and proceed further.

Final words:

There are some trust-able tools are available in the market to remove this wshelper.exe. You can use that too. If you have any query then comment it below we will try to answer that.