The Metal Slug Style Run-And-Gun Mighty Goose Is Receiving Some New Free Content

Mighty Goose – a video game motivated by collection this sort of as SNK’s Steel Slug – seems to be receiving some free of charge written content in the long term. This information and facts was shared by Blastmode’s creator, Richard Lems, by means of an update on Twitter. In this article it is in whole:

If you’ve not played this one nevertheless, you might be tasked with only likely from one amount to yet another and unleashing waves of destruction upon enemies. In our Nintendo Lifetime assessment, we had the next to say about this title:

“Other than the extremely chaotic nature of the motion, Mighty Goose is a visible handle, oozing style with its character and environmental layout. The companions are also nicely realised, and can in fact be played by a 2nd particular person by way of co-op, whilst their skills are arguably significantly inferior to Mighty Goose itself. No matter, no matter whether you participate in on your own or with a pal, Mighty Goose is a blast, and whilst it’s a little bit shorter-lived at three-to-four hours, it is undoubtedly worthy of a shot if you’re up for some over-the-top rated operate ‘n’ gun motion.”

Mighty Goose IMG

Have you experimented with out this match however? Would you be interested in some more totally free content for it? Comment down under.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.