Team Fortress 2 Halloween cosmetic gets restricted, prices skyrocket

Group Fortress 2 introduced its Halloween update previous 7 days. Scream Fortress XIII provides new maps, cosmetics, taunts and contracts, among a ton else. One of the additions has caused a stir, having said that.&#13

The “Corpse Carrier” is a beauty product wearable by Scouts that would make the speedster seem as if he is carrying his individual severed torso. It is really a nightmare for snipers for clear motives, but it was initially quick to receive and wearable all yr round. Valve have since transformed both of individuals things – and in convert, produced a new, remarkably precious item within just TF2’s trading market.&#13

An image showing the Scout from TF2 wearing a cosmetic outfit that makes him look like he's carrying his own severed torso.
Yeah, this one particular looks finest kept to Halloween.

You can read through about all of the Halloween update’s additions listed here. The Corpse Carrier was originally integrated in the Crimson Cache Collection, a single of 20 objects you could obtain within the Crimson Cache Situation. Scenarios fall frequently all through participate in and can be cheaply unlocked.&#13

Soon after realising that the Corpse Carrier was potentially much more disruptive to typical participate in than meant, Valve built it one of the Crimson Cache Circumstance bonus things. That suggests it can be random and unpredictable whether or not you may obtain it when opening a scenario, and its drop rate is scarce. In the exact minor update, Valve designed it so the item could only be worn for the duration of Halloween and whole moons.&#13

As an apology for switching an merchandise that gamers paid for, TF2 consumer aid gifted Corpse Carrier entrepreneurs a different random item from the Crimson Cache Assortment.&#13

The knock-on result of this is that a little selection of folks managed to purchase a Corpse Provider when it was common and price tag pennies or cents. Now they are scarce. At the time of producing, their median cost on the Team Fortress 2 group marketplace is £33.41. It peaked at more than £44 before today. That helps make it extra pricey than numerous of the rarest things in the match.&#13

A graph showing the price of the Corpse Carrier cosmetic item overtime in the Team Fortress 2 community marketplace.

I earlier thought of the Staff Fortress 2 marketplace as a peculiar put, a fun oddity, in which prices fluctuate like any other marketplace and individuals can make significant dollars from obtaining silly hats. Then NFTs arrived along and everyone started off investing megabucks on horrible JPGs. Dumping all my cash into hats now looks comparatively sane.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.