Taco Bell Chicken Sandwich Taco

A close up photo of the new Taco Bell chicken sandwich taco.

Picture: Kotaku

Taco Bell has a new rooster sandwich that is also a taco, but is also not a taco or even genuinely a sandwich. It is bizarre. Still, even weirder than all that is that I.. like it?

In the world of quickly food, the chicken sandwich wars rage on. It all commenced in 2019, when Popeyes released a new fried hen sandwich to its menu. People lost their collective shit around it. The place I reside, the local Popeyes was packed in the weeks and months adhering to the new menu objects rollout. I recall passing by the joint as a line of 40 automobiles in the push-via stretched out earlier the parking whole lot and into the road. In reaction, other places like McDonald’s and Burger King have included new and (supposedly) enhanced rooster sandwiches.

And now, surprisingly, Taco Bell has made a decision to sign up for the ongoing war with its new hen taco sandwich. And folks, I dislike myself for typing this next sentence but: I appreciate it.

So what is the chicken taco sandwich? Very well, it is basically a crispy and fried huge chicken tender positioned within a smooth pita bread “taco shell” with some Taco Bell chipotle sauce. You can also get a spicy variant which is the same point, but with some jalapenos tossed into the combine. Is this truly a sandwich? I don’t believe so. Is it a taco? Which is probably a greater way to describe it, but I’m even now not so sure. I get why Taco Bell resolved to just go with the identify Chicken sandwich taco, mainly because even though that identify actually does not make feeling, it would finish up becoming what most folks known as this detail in any case. Most probable, indicating the name with a high-pitch voice and in a questioning tone.

Point is, crispy hen and pita bread moreover some good sauce is not a hugely distinctive concept, but nevertheless a tasty generation. I ordered two as I wasn’t positive how large they would be and I finished up taking in equally of them and not hating a minute of it. The chicken is extremely crunchy and has just more than enough spice so as not to be bland, but not also much so your monotonous uncle or what ever can nonetheless take pleasure in it. The spicy variant is spicier, but nearly anything is spicier if you increase jalapenos to the recipe.

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Photo: Kotaku

The pita bread-like shell is smooth, but not as comfortable as a common tortilla you would discover at Taco Bell. On the other hand, it is also not as messy or crunchy as a hard shell taco possibly. It sits somewhere in the middle.

Taco Bell has explained it is a non permanent merchandise only, which is sad. I’d be satisfied to have it on the menu for the foreseeable future. Contrary to some past Taco Bell experiments (the waffle taco…*shivers*) this crunchy hen sandwich taco is a winner in my reserve. And immediately after attempting all the other fast-food rooster sandwich contenders, it’s by significantly the most one of a kind spin on an product that is quickly starting to be overdone and boring.

I guess you could say, Taco Bell seriously did feel outside the bun on this a single.

No. Wait around. Cease. I can not end this blog like that. Oh, I’m out of time.