Switch N64 controller out of stock until 2024 • Eurogamer.net

The Switch N64 controller is out of stock right up until 2024.

The wi-fi retro controller is offered solely by way of the Nintendo store. On the other hand it really is exhibiting as bought out in the British isles keep, though the US retail store specifies “extra controllers will be obtainable in 2024”.

The Mega Travel / Genesis equivalent controller continues to be in inventory in the US, but is not however offered in the Uk.

The controllers have been launched together with the Nintendo On-line expansion that consists of online games from Nintendo and Sega’s older consoles.

It features classics like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Streets of Rage 2.

Having said that, the enlargement – costing £35 per 12 months – has been intensely criticised for a range of problems, these as deficiency of Controller Pak assistance for saving and input lag.

An additional criticism has been the incapacity to remap buttons on the Swap controller, which will make some games unplayable (Sin and Punishment in individual). The N64 controller is arguably something of a requirement to get the most out of the growth go.

Yet getting sold out right until up coming year will lead to disappointment this Christmas.

The trailer for the enlargement is Nintendo’s most downvoted movie ever on YouTube. Nintendo supporters are definitely not content at the instant.