Sora was the actual winner of 2015’s Smash Fighter Ballot

You clearly know by now, but the final playable DLC character for Smash Best is none other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He was a extremely asked for character to join the game’s roster for numerous years, but Sakura stated in today’s Smash presentation just how a great deal lovers needed him to be in the game.

Sakurai described on the Smash presentation that “six decades ago, there was a poll referred to as the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. The major alternative for the most asked for new fighter was Sora. Although this ballot was occurring, we spoke with Mr. Iwata, who was even now with us then, and we determined not to reveal the results”.

Not only that, but it was discovered that, when Bayonetta was announced for Smash on Wii U and 3DS in 2015, she was discovered as “the winner”. Even so, they observed that she put 1st in Europe, Top 5 in America, and she was the 1st all over the world on the ballot “among the negotiable and realizable characters”. With today’s character expose, we know now why they mentioned that.