Six strategy games like Civilization

So you want far more games like Civilization? As the undisputed king of 4X video games (for now), there are a lot of who’ve tried out to copy what Sid Meier established, and plenty who want to perform a Civ-like encounter that wasn’t developed by Firaxis.

Civilization online games supply a special eyesight of change-based mostly method where you start out from humble origins, and guide a men and women via the ages, founding a lot more metropolitan areas, enriching your empire with cultural or technological improvements, and fairly usually, combating other civilisations. It’s not a historical method sport, additional of an traditionally-impressed sandbox, and several other online games have tried to provide the breadth that Civilization has.

Although we have a committed list of wonderful 4X video games in common (which Civilization is on), some of you may be interested in looking for anything that far more intently resembles Firaxis’ well-liked sequence. We resolved to spin-off a different list of video games like Civilization, but we’ve dug up some extremely distinct illustrations for this one particular, so really don’t fear about there being far too a great deal overlap. Get pleasure from!

Game titles like Civilization

Right here are six excellent video games like Civilization:

  • Warlock: Masters of the Arcane
  • Aged Entire world
  • Age of Miracles 3
  • Freeciv
  • The Fight for Polytopia
  • Humankind

A unit surrounded by monsters in 4x game warlock masters of the arcane

Warlock: Masters of the Arcane

If you just take Civilization V, and then include in fantasy features these as magic (as an alternative of tech), NPC monsters, and portals to other proportions, then you’ve bought Warlock: Learn of the Arcane. Revealed by Paradox Interactive 2012, it was a mash-up of experiments that elevated it over and above a ‘fantasy civ’ video game and proved a fascinating counterpoint to Civ 5.

What was specially interesting was that, if you ended up bored executing the far more run-of-the-mill Civ-like things on the primary map, you could acquire your armies and try out to uncover portals – these would guide to other ‘maps’ and represented diverse proportions, with more durable monsters and improved benefits. You could also colonise these areas, and increase your empire that way.

Warlock obtained a sequel in 2014 referred to as Warlock 2: The Exiled, which leaned into the dimension hopping a bit extra. It wasn’t as creative as the to start with recreation, but it’s however really good. The two are notable for the fact that Civ V’s UI is replicated very properly, producing it very noticeable what the major inspiration was.

Defending a city in 4X game Old World

Aged Planet

Not long ago released from early access, Old World is a 4X recreation that makes an attempt to deconstruct Civ and innovate in means that force the boundaries far more so than any other rival. It’s the brainchild of Soren Johnson – the former lead designer of Civ 4 – and his studio Mohawk Games. Old Planet is locked to the historical and classical ears, that includes civilisations these types of as Rome, Carthage, and Assyria.

The mechanical components close to empire management are great, but the authentic innovations lie in the addition of Crusader Kings-style character elements, gatherings, and the ‘orders’ process, which converts a player’s capacity to act into a finite useful resource, as opposed to each device acquiring to do something every flip. Check out out our Outdated Entire world review for extra, but this is undoubtedly one particular worthy of examining out.

A city guard a bridge across a river 4x game age of wonders 3

Age of Miracles 3

Although Age of Miracles: Planetfall is on our 4X games information, it is the third activity in this lengthy-operating transform-primarily based wargame collection that is nearer to the Civilization roots, albeit it is another fantasy twist. There is every little thing here you’d expect from a Civ-like – the empire administration, armies, tech trees and spells, as perfectly as hero models. The major headline function for Age of Miracles 3 is that there is a individual tactical battle manner where armies struggle it out in far more granular depth.

The world is loaded with NPC potential risks, as perfectly as other empires, but there were also quest-like nodes you could interact with as effectively, this sort of as dungeons or abandoned mines, and maps could also spawn a subterranean level that can only be accessed by certain factors on the map. Some of AoW3’s races (like dwarves) desire getting underground. What I normally discovered amazing was that, in addition to making the common metropolitan areas, you could also create lesser ‘forts’ and outposts to hold important positions without needing to observed an whole city.

A sample shot of 4x game freeciv showing cities and rivers


You just can’t have a discussion about game titles like Civilization with no speaking about the top copy-cat, Freeciv. As the name implies, it is 100% free, and has been actively created and labored on as an open supply undertaking considering the fact that 1996. In terms of guidelines, it has extra in frequent with Civilization II than it does with extra modern video games, and in terms of architecture it was really based mostly on an old shooter game named XPilot.

The project has grown and advanced considering that then, with a new ‘longturn’ format launched in 2004 which consists of day-prolonged turns, and video games involving up to 30 folks. The match can assistance 2D and 3D graphics, and is very versatile if you know what you’re executing.

The Battle for Polytopia

This is an fantastic, light, distillation of the Civilization 4X knowledge. Considering this started out daily life as a cellular approach match, it is grown to turn out to be something worth checking out even on Computer as it provides 12 civs, multiple procedurally created maps, and all the vital touchstones you’d assume from a 4X activity.

A little bit like RTS traditional Northgard, all of the game’s big updates are provided away for no cost, but supplemental civilisations are readily available to obtain as DLC. It not long ago savored a major harmony pass and the builders even now have plenty of programs remaining in retail outlet as effectively. If you want a lighter, tighter Civilization practical experience, this is exactly where you should look.


Past but undoubtedly not minimum, the best sport like Civilization has to be one that’s actively striving to topple Sid Meier’s big off its gilded throne. Humankind, from builders that introduced you Endless Legend and Countless Room, seeks to come to be King of the hill via a reinvention of diplomatic, empire, and victory methods, as perfectly as a turn-centered tactical mode where armies can clash more than massive swathes of terrain.

This is the recreation Amplitude has expended its total existence working to, so there’s a large amount using on it. You can read through our Humankind critique to see what we imagined of it in entire, but the limited tale is: it’s off to a great start off. There are however some difficulties around late sport equilibrium, but it’s in no even worse state than Civilization V or VI was when people video games initial introduced both. We can not wait to see what the builders do with it from right here.

HumankindInvest in now Humankind MethodTurn DependentObtain now

Hopefully these six gems will fulfill your lust for other Civilization-like activities though we hold out for Civilization 7.

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