Rust now has NPCs who can give you missions

Grim survival shooter Rust’s descriptively named “Missions & QoL” update is a doozy. You can now converse to NPCs scattered all-around the earth who will give you missions to perform, “from catching fish or harvesting lumber to looking sharks and uncovering concealed treasure.”&#13

Here’s a trailer which introduces the program, among other additions:&#13

A article on the Rust weblog clarifies that this is just a to start with iteration, and that even though the method is able of considerably additional, the missions readily available now are geared to new gamers. “We will be expanding on this in the coming months to involve PvP missions (capture and keep, delivery, ambush) and ultimately even bounty hunting,” they say.&#13

Rust has beforehand relied on its gamers to make enjoyment and terror for each and every other, with survival mechanics pushing survivors to theft, violence and property protection. As an oft-murdered rookie, I enjoy an NPC on-ramp, but I’m intrigued in how a great deal further they choose the program.&#13

The relaxation of the update adds a new camper van module for customisable vehicles, and is primarily high-quality-of-daily life targeted. You can now transfer the signals you have hand-painted, boats are now less difficult to flip rightside up, and you can land motor vehicles on the cargo ship without the need of them sliding off. The comprehensive changelog is many dozen things extended.

Missions are out there now, and Rust’s future update will arrive on October 28th at 7pm BST/2pm EST when “a necessary server and shopper update to enable some new spooky characteristics” for Halloween.