Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

After researching, in our ultimate review, we’ve found that Razer’s most common mechanical gaming keyboard is the BlackWidow. PC players have long loved banging the keys on a BlackWidow in a variety of titles. Most gamers will actually choose BlackWidow because it provides a good mix between features and budget. And now, Razer has revamped the keyboard range with the company’s most recent mechanical switches and technology.

The first Razer BlackWidow was released in 2010, becoming the world’s first mechanical gaming keyboard – how time flies!

Razer Blackwidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


The new Razer BlackWidow (2019 version) also has Razer’s Green mechanical turn, which has a 1.9mm actuation point and a 50G actuation force. The Green switch has a “Tactile and Clicky” feel to it, identical to the CherryMX Blue switch if you’ve ever used one, such as the original BlackWidow Ultimate Edition.

It provides satisfying auditory input, which is really helpful in fast-paced competitive games to let you know whether a talent execution has been activated audibly. The Green mechanical switch has an 80 million keystroke lifetime, which means the keyboard can last a long time!

A Function key on the keyboard may be used to monitor volume, multimedia settings, macros, and to move to a Gaming mode (which will disable the Windows key). It has a convenient key interface with the proper sizes and measurements. The key positioning is also fine (for example, having the “key above the Enter key), and I had no trouble adjusting from my Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2. There are modern warning lights that let you know when those features are turned on (like Caps Lock).

With Razer Chroma lighting, you can customize the backlighting of the keys to each of the 16.8 million colors and results. Extras will be provided to you if you play games that help Razer Chroma, such as Overwatch. In Overwatch, for example, when you pick a new hero, the lights will instantly shift color to fit the hero’s color style.

The latest Razer BlackWidow also includes Razer HyperShift, which is more efficient than normal macro recording and has an onboard memory that allows you to save up to 5 separate profiles locally.

What about games for the current Razer BlackWidow? So far, it has gone swimmingly. The Green switches are extremely sensitive, with excellent tactile input at the cost of noise. They sound okay, but I wouldn’t suggest having this keyboard if you want to use it at work near coworkers or if you have a roommate. But if you’re only playing in your own home, go ahead and do it!


It has never looked like it was built by a kid since GAMERS has a fairly elegant, understated style. At first sight, the current BlackWidow does not seem to be especially interesting. It’s a full-size, all-black keyboard with a number pad, and apart from the Razer emblem in the middle, you might easily mistake it for a standard office keyboard.

That appeals to me, and it’s a feature shared by all of Razer’s gaming keyboards. Just when you turn on the Chroma LED illumination should you get the flare, and even then, Chroma is the finest of the lot. It illuminates every key and the surrounding environment, and it includes impact, game integrations, and smart home connectivity. Your whole game space will light up in perfect unison.

On the surface, it seems to be characteristic of Razer keyboards. It has a good appearance, lights up like the Las Vegas Strip, and feels sturdy and well-made. The BlackWidow is somewhat less expensive than the flagship BlackWidow Elite, although, in certain circumstances, it’s difficult to say why.


The BlackWidow features Razer’s Green Mechanical Switches, which provide excellent tactile input as well as a pleasing clicky tone. Each key has a new dual-side wall design that is intended to minimize unwanted wobble. The overall feel is distinct from Razer’s other high-end keyboard, the Huntsman, though not in a negative way.

The BlackWidow has an excellent gaming and typing experience. Each key has a pleasant sharp motion and is extremely sensitive. You can sense the fingertips dancing over the keys when typing. They’re even good for 80 million keystrokes, so you’ll have plenty of battery power.

Hypershift is another function that allows a welcome return on the BlackWidow. Instead of having a dedicated row of macro keys, Hypershift enables you to attach any key on the keyboard to a macro or secondary feature. When combined with on-board and cloud storage for your personal accounts, you can transfer your BlackWidow between machines without having to start from scratch.

Finally, the BlackWidow is a blast to use, both for games and for having things accomplished, and the tapping never gets old. The fact that this is a far more accessible BlackWidow keyboard brings it within sight of a wider range of budgets, which is indeed a good thing.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.