Progress-Ending Bug Found In Metroid Dread, Nintendo Details How To Avoid It

Nintendo has issued a warning about a bug at present present in Metroid Dread that prevents players from progressing even more. 

This bug can be specifically annoying since it can manifest around the closing sections of Metroid Dread. Nintendo claims a resolve for the bug will be released by the close of October, so it appears it will be no far more sometime within the subsequent 16 days. 

On the other hand, that signifies that Metroid Dread players could possibly still run into in in between now and then. Fortuitously, Nintendo has in-depth how to steer clear of it, or get rid of it if it’s now encountered. You are going to know you’ve hit the bug if you obtain a concept that says, “The software was closed due to the fact an mistake occurred” followed instantly by the recreation forcibly closing. at?v=c1xA4xWYAGE

This bug only occurs underneath a distinct sequence of situations, nevertheless, according to Nintendo. 

“Near the finish of the activity, if the participant destroys a doorway although a map marker for that particular door is shown on the map, the video game will forcibly shut and [the message above will appear on-screen],” Nintendo’s PSA about the bug reads. 

Seems rather devastating, ideal? It could be, in particular if you’re gunning for the conclude, but the good news is, Nintendo has in depth precisely how to get close to it or stay clear of it completely. 

Here’s what you need to do if you come across the bug, or have currently begun the sequence of functions that will direct to encountering the bug: 

  • Restart the recreation and, prior to taking part in through this sequence, get rid of the door icon map marker to reduce this error from taking place.
  • When the Oct 2024 software program update is accessible, be confident to update Metroid Dread to keep away from encountering this bug. 

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