Pokémon Unite Survey Hints At Possible New Modes, Features

Five Pokémon about to do battle with other monsters in Pokémon Unite.

The gang’s jointly and about to do work.
Screenshot: Nintendo

Now that Pokémon Unite has produced its Android and iOS debut, developer TiMi Studio Team has pushed out an in-activity survey for gamers to finish. The questionnaire suggests that some new options, like more match modes and far more ways to interact with your monsters, may well appear to the well known MOBA in the future.

The survey, observed in the game’s Activities tab, is about 50 questions extended. The thoughts go over almost everything from gameplay frustrations to what you’d like to see in foreseeable future updates. All players can just take it. Only scroll all the way down in the Functions tab, faucet the questionnaire button, and you will be taken to the survey’s web site. You can even consider it various moments, in circumstance you definitely will need to get some thoughts off your chest.

A quantity of questions the survey asks are very intriguing. The fifth issue, for instance, wonders what type of supplemental material you’d obtain exciting, with answers like “visual/tale written content about Pokémon Unite” (perhaps like the League of Legends or Overwatch animated shorts) and “E-sporting activities.” Afterwards, the survey asks what you find aggravating about the recreation, with solutions this kind of as “It’s tough to stay clear of relying heavily on teammates.”

A sample question from the Pokémon Unite survey.

But significantly, what if Pokémon Unite grew to become a expert esport? I’d check out it.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

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But two thoughts in particular stand out from the rest. Issue 24 wonders what stage of depth gamers could possibly want from additional gameplay modes, inquiring if they’d choose that gameplay to be “much more relaxed,” “the identical intensity,” or “much far more intense” than the typical 5v5 mode at Remoat Stadium. Meanwhile, problem 25 goes deeper, asking if you’d want to see things like a lobby primarily based on a Pokémon city, more means to interact with monsters (like feeding and petting them), and further playable Pokémon and sort benefits.

The survey poses a myriad of questions, so be certain to verify it out, particularly if you are interested in what TiMi Studio Team may have in retail store for the MOBA in the foreseeable future.

Pokémon Unite’s new season went are living previous 7 days, sending players to house with new getups for Gengar, Lucario, and the Pokémon Coach by means of the swanky fight go. Mamoswine and Sylveon have also joined the roster, whilst Snorlax and Wigglytuff obtained nerfed. And nevertheless the new update is great and all, it would seem some Pokémon Unite players are getting a hard time redeeming the Competition Pikachu Holowear pores and skin suitable now.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:14:31.