One Block – Minecraft Map – 1.13 → 1.16

OneBlock is my survival style Minecraft map, developed by IJA, in which you commence on a single block floating in the void. Nonetheless, you will be ready to mine this single block numerous instances since it regenerates right after becoming mined.

Also, as you mine it, the block regenerates into a new variety of block, so immediately after getting a dirt block it will transform into a wooden block and so on. There are several phases in which distinct kinds of blocks can look.

Not very clear on the thought ? Test this FAQ and the movie beneath to understand how the map functions.

How a lot of phases are there and what are they ?

There are 10 phases in full. Plains, Underground, Snow Biome, Ocean, Jungle Dungeon, Desert, Nether, Idyll, Desolation and the Stop. Each period features a set of blocks, goods and monsters suitable for the environment. Nevertheless, random blocks from preceding phases may perhaps also surface.

How many blocks are there in the 10 phases ?

There are currently about 7,000 blocks. Most phases have about 700-800 blocks, apart from for the past several, which are a little bit shorter.

What comes about following the phases ?

Following mining the last block of the tenth section, an incomplete portal to the Conclusion will surface down below the infinite block. Immediately after that, the infinite block will continue to create blocks. There are an infinite number of blocks that can show up, and immediately after the tenth section, they are randomly picked from the 10 phases. Just after the tenth stage, the items in the chests and the monsters that surface are also all randomly drawn from all phases.

Why do some blocks seem much more frequently than many others ?

Each individual block has a sure share prospect of appearing.

What monsters can the infinite block spawn ?

A certain set of mobs is set to appear, which features most hostile mobs, all neutral mobs (apart from for the trader llama) and all passive mobs (apart from for the bats). Bosses and utility monsters (like the iron golem) will not be spawned by the infinite block. All monsters that can be produced by the infinite block will be created at the very least after. Just after that, there are random appearances, so you can choose them up yet again.

What chests can look ?

There are usual chests, which comprise only random goods from the present-day section. Right after period 3, the second sort of chest can surface, which can incorporate things from the present section, as nicely as from the preceding and long run phases.

Is it feasible to arrive at the Nether on this map ?

Indeed, it is. Nether blocks and obsidian can be attained in section 7 and later phases. Lava buckets may possibly be readily available before in some chests, but you have to be extremely blessed to get sufficient to create a portal to the Nether in advance of you arrive at Period 7.

What’s the close target ?

Which is fairly considerably what you want it to be. You need to be ready to do very substantially anything at all you can do in a standard Minecraft world, specified plenty of time. A fantastic aim may well be to defeat the Ender Dragon. But it could also be as straightforward as setting up the premier celestial castle that has at any time existed. It is up to you !


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