Nintendo Tracks Every Dust Mote You Vacuum In Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi screams as ghosts surround him.

Graphic: Nintendo

Nintendo’s lunch-box formed GameCube isn’t a machine we’d think about effective by today’s criteria, but it feels like we’re generally learning a little something amazing about the early aughts gaming system. Situation in level: 2001 launch title Luigi’s Mansion is regularly monitoring how lots of microscopic dust particles you suck up with its ubiquitous Poltergust 3000 vacuum.

According to information revealed to The Cutting Space Floor’s wiki in October 2018 and rehashed right now by the delightful Nintendo tidbit-sharing Twitter account Supper Mario Broth, the Luigi’s Mansion debug menu tracks numerous stats. Most notably, the match is normally mindful of how considerably digital dust the Poltergust 3000 holds, suitable down to the milligram. This volume can also be decreased by exhausting the vacuum.

Other uses for the Luigi’s Mansion debug menu involve highlighting objects that can be scanned by the in-sport Activity Boy Horror device as well as monitoring how numerous ghosts have been captured, the volume of water in the Poltergust 3000 (measured in milliliters, in a natural way), and an unexplained “Heart” counter. For the duration of my personal screening, nonetheless, the only a single that appeared to do the job as meant was the dust stat.

As considerably as I can notify, these aspects of the Luigi’s Mansion debug menu—activated with a simple Motion Replay code—were initially in depth by Beta64 all the way back again in 2013. In actuality, Beta64’s examination of the classic GameCube game was just the second online video uploaded to the burgeoning YouTube channel, which now boasts around 400,000 subscribers. Look at out the walkthrough under for a lot more footage of the debug screen in action.

It is unclear why Luigi’s Mansion tracks your dust totals. The most probable situation is that it was part of some unused video game mechanic, whereby Luigi was potentially able to use the dust in ghost encounters or possibly even unlock new regions if he saved sufficient in the vacuum. Maybe a facet aim as soon as existed that rewarded the player for cleansing the notoriously dusty mansion.

With out even more rationalization from someone who worked on the sport, this element of Luigi’s Mansion remains nevertheless another quirk of the underappreciated GameCube process. Probably drag yours out of storage and give it a awesome pat on the head. The minor male warrants it.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.