Nazi Themed Host Bar Opens In Osaka With Staff Wearing Uniforms

A host from Unfair wears a Nazi World War II uniform.

Screenshot: Unfair/Host x Host

At host golf equipment, adult men serve shoppers their drinks, mild their cigarettes, and make tiny converse with them. At a freshly opened a single in Osaka, they also dress as Nazis. That’s pretty fucked up.

The identify of the bar is Unfair, and its tagline is, “Life is a wager.” Reddit noticed a truck driving by means of Osaka emblazoned with the club’s identify and…a swastika, and I’m guessing it was driving through the Minami amusement district in which Unfair is found.

Unfair’s listing was posted on host web sites Star Fellas and Host x Host, and involved shots of the hosts in complete Nazi outfits and a online video. One particular listing study, “Get intoxicated with this new model host club!”

Hosts from Unfair wear Nazi uniforms for in a still from a promotional video.

Screenshot: Unfair/Host x Host

As Twitter user Miki Dezaki factors out, the club also uploaded photos of within the developing. The partitions had been coated with a huge swastika, and the club even had swastika labels affixed to the bottles of champagne.

Understandably, individuals pointed out, hey, this is stupid and disgraceful. Information about the club has been scrubbed from host sites, with the Host x Host web page even now requiring a password for accessibility. Kotaku phoned the bar, but there was no answer.

Each and every few many years, shit like this takes place. Back again in 2016, for illustration, users of the pop group Keyakizaka46 dressed in Nazi-fashion uniforms for Halloween. Six yrs ahead of that, the cosmetics model Ponds highlighted an actress dressed as a Nazi in a important advert campaign all through Japan. The ad was later pulled. It was astonishing to see even a major intercontinental brand name in Japan can let things like this slip via.

Aside from ignorance, ambivalence to Nazi iconography could also be due to the counterclockwise swastika, or manji as it’s identified as in Japanese. It is typically applied in Japan on maps to denote Buddhist temples, and has a deep, lengthy historical past that has completely almost nothing to do with Nazis. Of training course, which is unquestionably not the scenario when swastikas are on Nazi uniforms, in a Nazi-themed club.