Mega Man X DiVE Datamine Uncovers References To Nintendo Switch

Mega Man
Picture: Capcom / Nebula Joy

It appears to be like an additional Mega Person activity might be on the way to the Nintendo Change. It is the motion-platformer Android and iOS release Rockman X DiVE, formulated by Capcom Taiwan, and released globally on smartphones in decide on areas before this yr.

According to Mega Male fansite, Rockman Corner, dataminers have found out “a collection of strings” in the game’s consumer suggesting a Nintendo Switch port of the motion-platformer Mega Person X DiVE may well be on the way – with references to amiibo and ‘NS’:

“w_Important”: “NS_AMIIBO_NO_USE”,

“w_Important”: “NS_FILESYSTEM_NOT_Guidance”,
“w_ENG”: “NS_FILESYSTEM_NOT_Guidance”,
“w_Vital”: “NS_Source_ONLY”,
“w_CHT”: “NS_Useful resource_ONLY”,
“w_JP”: “NS_Source_ONLY”,
“w_ENG”: “NS_Source_ONLY”,
“w_THA”: “NS_Source_ONLY”

This is reportedly the identical way the Computer system and Steam port of Mega Male X DiVE was disclosed. As for the reference to amiibo – there is certainly the certain mention of it having “no use”, presumably meaning this sport won’t help Nintendo’s NFC figures.

Maintain in head, almost nothing is formal – and for all we know, it could be leftover or unused facts. If we listen to any developments however, we’ll be absolutely sure to let you know.