Hades: How To Defeat Alecto


Hades: How To Defeat Alecto

Like all Furies, Hades by indie developerSupergiant GamesAlecto, a bossy and relentless opponent, will launch countless deadly attacks until the player is either defeated or triumphant over her.

The best way to tackle this difficult taskHadesTo boss down is to avoid being damaged by her attacks; you should be more attentive to their movements. It can be difficult to keep track of all the Underworld energy thrown around the screen. Reflexes and observation will be of great help to the player.

Energy Blast Barrage

Alecto can run or stand still and shoot reddish-pink energy orbs from her position. These orbs will move in circles as if they were waves from a splash. As such, It’s easier to avoid this attack by staying away from your boss to better pass through the energy orbs.

Slashing Strike

The boss will use his singular wing to attack the player from melee range. You can avoid this attack by paying attention to Alecto’s wind-up for the move. This involves her pulling her wing-back before she strikes.


Dashing Strike

Alecto can sometimes move in a very slow, linear manner that is difficult to see. This move is not telegraphed as the telegraphing for it is very minimal. It would be better to try to not remain in front of your boss if at all possible, to avoid being attacked.

Fire Columns

Alecto will draw these huge black and white circles on the ground to indicate where a pillar full of fiery energy will appear. They are easy to spot and avoid by themselves. However, because there is a delay between the attack and the damage, it can be dangerous to have a lot of these on-screen at once while you deal with Alecto’s other attacks.

Spirit Summon

Sometimes, the boss may summon a spectral ally to help him. Due to their low HP, only one of these large enemies can spawn at a given time. They are easy to defeat. They will use their thick arms to strike at the player with basic melee attacks if they are close enough. If it is too tedious to take them out, one could ignore them completely…


Blade Tornado

Alecto will launch this sinister attack in the second phase. It consists of a large, slow-moving projectile of an orb filled with energy and surrounded by spinning blades. Although it is intimidating, it is slow and doesn’t have homing. If they’re not directly in front of Alecto, players should be able to avoid it easily.


Hades: How To Defeat Alecto

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