Will a Golf Launch Monitor Really Help Your Game?

As a golfer, you have a distinct advantage over players of yesteryear and that is technology. You can use a launch monitor, which can detect how the golf ball is moving after impact. Such equipment is becoming increasingly popular among golfers who seek a competitive edge and the ability to practice anywhere.

But will a golf launch monitor really help your game?

What is a Golf Launch Monitor?

Such monitors give golfers feedback on a host of data about their golf swing and the club’s trajectory, plus the golf ball’s reaction following impact. Some of these devices can be used both indoors and outside.

Why is it Good to Use a Launch Monitor?

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There is a myriad of benefits to using a golf launch monitor. To wit:

Distance Control

If you cannot control your striking distance, your golfing success will be limited. It will be nearly impossible for you to hit your targets accurately and consistently. While taking swings at the range is helpful, you’re using a mishmash of subpar, unfamiliar balls, and you won’t always be able to see where they land.

Regularly and consistently hitting balls on a launch monitor permits you to get to know your clubs, and how you use them, in a manner that’s not possible on the course or driving range. You’ll gain better control.

Removes Swing Guesswork

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Back in the day, golfers could only speculate how ball flight, impact, and shot shape determined their results. But that was part of the game; all golfers were in the same boat. Nowadays, you can get a leg up on rivals by using high-tech to gain solid insight into your shots. The feedback is immediate, as monitors assess how the ball reacts following impact. You’ll get valuable data on speed, spin, and launch, and be able to predict things such as height, carry distance, and curvature.

Helps You Build Your Club Set

If you get a quality golf launch monitor, you can get nuanced distance feedback that will help you properly assemble the best set of clubs – for you. Your monitor will give you the insight needed to plug distance gaps with better equipment.

Can Improve Short Game

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Golfers frequently employ a trial-and-error approach when practicing short-game shosts. That’s unnecessary since a launch monitor will provide instant feedback on such shots. It can also help you picture and “get” whether a certain kind of shot, or technique modification is working.

Unfettered Monitoring

When you’re at the range, the weather that day can affect results. Golfers sometimes forget to factor in crosswinds or fog when assessing their progress. With launch monitors there are no such concerns since they use closed data. They allow you to truly learn how you’re hitting the ball, giving you more confidence during play.

You Can Hit Whenever, Wherever

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Speaking of weather conditions, if you have an indoor/outdoor monitor, you needn’t sacrifice your golf game during winter months. That’s one of the chief features of launch monitors: you can practice and get feedback no matter where you are.  In addition to a monitor, all you need is a compatible computer, a mat, and a net.

Can Supplant Lessons

It would be ideal to have an instructor or coach, right? Well, since we all live in the real world, we know that that’s not always possible. There’s either a time or money issue, or both. With a launch monitor, though, there’s no need for scheduling, and once you’ve bought your monitor that’s it. Actionable swing data is available to you anywhere, anytime.

So, yes, a golf monitor can really help your game, and in several ways.